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2:24 am - 07.08.05
sleep pixies come back!!!
There's a big black ant walking around Dawn's office. It somehow managed to find it's way up onto her large L-shaped wooden desk, but it seems confused as how to get down.
It's probably wondering where the fuck the colony went off too. Probably all lazing about on a Krispy Kreme dounut, lazy ant bastards!

Wow, it's on the monitor shelf now, this poor fella is sooo lost. I don't have the heart to kill him, he seems to be enjoying crawling allover my stuff.

I don't have the heart, y'know that phrase makes no sense whatsoever. If you don't have a proverbial heart, or an compassion based moral code, then you should be a murderous gunnut, right?
Yet, as the phrase says, because you don't have a heart, you won't kill the insect...but if you did have a heart, you would?

Why isn't it, I have the heart not to kill him? I'm confused. The sleep pixies are in Acupulco. I think I spelled that wrong.

I wonder how long ants can survive without food? They're quick lil fucks, so I bet they have a high metabolism. But I've heard they can survive under water for about a month. Do insects even breathe?

I like fish.


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