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2:00 am - 07.08.05
Gnostic Web Online Courses
So I'm breaking into the wonderful world of Online Courses!

It's a mystical school, so at least I'll enjoy the subjects. The next session begins on July 10th.

Check it out:

The Searching Within course explains about the use of self-knowledge and how to truly know oneself. This, according to ancient spiritual traditions, is the way to acquire true wisdom.

On this course, set out on your own journey of self-exploration, learning about the world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, consciousness and subconsciousness. Through the 9 weeks of lectures and exercises, practice powerful techniques to delve deeply within your own psychology and understand the different behaviours we have – how they affect our relationships, our circumstances and our life.

We can learn about the amazing potential each person has for change, See for yourself how and where to begin it, discovering the ability to respond to life and others with greater clarity and intelligence - and activate the spiritual part within. Through investigating the causes of suffering, depression, anxiety and all the problems in life, learn about overcoming them and finding the source of true peace and wisdom.

On the weekly forums, get together with other students and qualified instructors to discuss and explore further the world of psychology and self-knowledge, working to put into practice the techniques that are the beginning point of true change.

Over the 9 weeks you can learn how to:

activate Awareness and consciousness
see the causes of problems and negativity
observe within yourself
interpret your dreams and use them for self-discovery
improve your relationships
develop intuition
overcome problems with drugs, alcohol, and addictions
bring order to your life
This course directs our attention within, but when coupled with the Journey to Enlightenment course, it is a solid foundation with which to begin our own spiritual journey and discover knowledge about much more than we can imagine.

Comments From Students Who Have Taken the Course:

“Through the teachings given in the courses, I have begun to wake up, to uncover meaning and purpose in life. I am beginning to come out ofthe heavy, low, and negative states, and into the peace, freedom, and happiness that life has to offer us. Take a minute to be honest with yourself, and to actually consider where your life is going. Once I did this, I recognized that things could be better, and with what's taught in the courses, can now realize and accomplish my goals.”
-Jordan from Toronto, Canada

“I too can say that I have changed – changed for the better. The desire to change was just beneath the surface before Gnosticweb, but the courses brought it to the fore because they not only gave the incentive to change, but also the techniques to actually begin to do it.”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the teachers who have helped me on this Searching Within course. Your answers and gentle advice have really been an inspiration and it’s great to know there are people like you devoting your time to helping us with our questions. Love live Gnosticweb!”
-Pam from Montreal, Canada

Gnostic Web


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