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4:45 pm - 07.12.05
bitch eating cock, bitch licking ass
I had this great idea for a cartoon:

there's this dog, munching on a rooster.

get it?

Today I went to see my sexy gay shrink, I want to lick his ass so bad.

or a dog tasting a donkey?

isn't that funny?

So I decided that I need a routine, and it apoparently takes 21 days to make a habit.
So I bought a notebook that says "Smile" on it (I thought it to be good advice), and in it I shall write out a basic, simple, daily routine, which shall be flexible, as life does throw curve testicles.


Also I shall write down a few goals to help me manifest them.

I've decided that if I can't make a habit in 3 weeks, then I'm going to ask Wendi to help me.

I heard her on Coast To Coast AM last night. She's a very talented hypnotist.

I gotta go eat something, my brain's begining to crash.


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