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6:09 pm - 08.03.05
I recently joined a group my friend Dana set up. It's based on her religion of Heinzism. I'm not a member of the faith, but it's ideals are very similar to my own; plus I wanted to lend her support to her goals and mission.

She hopes to build a community for like minded people to live and share. This is an old dream, but it has succeeded in the past. It takes a ton of hard work, but it can be done.

Here's a message to the group from her. I met Dana when I was reading at a psychic faire at a bookstore, called Earth Songs:

"Here is another member I invited to the group. Some of you may have
chatted with him before under his starving hysterical naked name.
Don't let his names scare ya off.

We have met offline before. Believe it or not at Earthsong
bookstore. I went into get a reading, and he was the one My mother
paid to read me that day. She was so impressed with his reading, she
paid for me to get another reading. The reading I had before The
poor woman did not make a connection at all. But she still got her
money for trying :).

I invited Wander in hoping he could help us who have abilities learn
to get started in doing readings.. and when we do open up to the
public.. We could do a network for all types of Spiritworkers. That
is his dream.. So he could help out with that as well.

This make 3 Pending members and 6 official members althought one of
those are on pending status.. because we are not sure if she is
going to remain as part of the tribe or not. As she has moved out of
state.. and we lost touch as my family has banned her from all
contact of us...

We'll see how this develops and goes..
- Dana C. L."

To join the group, there's a list of questions you must answer. Here's my results:

Andrew - Wanderlust

LudeTribe Entry Form
Physical Inventory:
1 What activities do I enjoy doing?
Making collages out of magazines or paper, reading "escapist books", exploring Nature, writting stories/poetry, exploring my spiritual self through meditation or ritual

2. Do you have any mental Illnesses? (This is just to help us help support you, and understand you at times the illness acts up.)
I suffer from Adult ADHD, Depression...those are the diagnosed ones. I think I may be Dyslexic and Manic

3. Are you recieving legitimate treatment to help you with your illness? (We encourage everyone with mental illness to seek proper medical and professional help.)
I am going to see a therapist, and I seek spiritual counseling as well, but I am on no meds

4. What do I know about my emotional qualities?
Positive: I am compassionate, accepting, and liberal in expressing my emotions; Negative: I allow my anger and fears to consume myself over nothing important, I tend to judge strangers unfairly, and sometimes I am easily influenced by other's emotions

5. Am I highly emotional?
I can control my emotions if I concentrate on them, and try to find the root feelings. But if I don't, I get out of control very easily. Sometimes it's easier to be pissed off, than to try to be happy

6 Do I tend to suppress emotion?
Oh yes, I didn't realise how much until recently. It tends to build up, and then just spurts out. I'm so used to listening to others that I rarely share what's in MY heart. And in some ways I've forgotten how to share.

7. What do I know about my seasonal or cyclic patterns (PMS, Holidays, Seasonal Affective Disorder, etc.)?
Late Summer is always rough on me, and around the end of Winter I get really depressed. I need Winter's downtime, but when it lasts too long, and I begin to feel restless, I begin to miss the Sun's rays, and the green on the earth, I begin to miss 70 degree weather. I get agitated, depressed, a hopeless/helpless feeling washes over me.

8. What do I know about my Fears?
I fear long hard work with no reward, I fear any relationship, I fear sharing anything with anybody, I fear being abandoned.

9. What do I know about my emotional triggers?
When the things I hate about myself are reflected in another's behaviour, that sets me off. When someone or a group of someones all realise what I have done to help them, and in some perfect psychic moment, gratitude is shared, those moments make me cry

10. What helps with these?
Honoring my mistakes as gifts, and letting go of the need to be recognised

11. What do I know about potential trouble spots or patterns I have had in relationships in the past?
Not communicating on a deeper level. Honoring the other's dreams even if they conflict with my own. Stop trying to control
everything! Just stopping, and just existing with them.

12. What do I know about my energy exchange dynamics?
I apparently exude energy without a filter, it just flows from me. So I am an open book. And I like people to know who I am, but I have allowed myself to be hurt that way in the past. I'M TERRIFIED OF BEING MISUNDERSTOOD!

13. Am I needy?
Yes, but I don't express it. I don't feel worthy to ask for favors.

14. An over-giver?
Not as much as I used to be. I have learned it's okay to say "No".

15. Do I know how to say "no", or is this problematic for me?
Ha, I shoulda read ahead.

16. What do I know about my need for solitude/personal space or need for interaction?
Sometimes I want constant interaction, but when I get it, I get overwhelmed and I withdrawl. But then I wonder why people don't go the extra mile to track me down? I'm very confusing when it comes to my relationship needs.

17. What are my Judgements and Prejudices? (basically we are gonna help each other over comes this.)
I don't like loud people, I don't like people who get really really close to my face, unless it's for romantic reasons. I grew up in a lot of minority neighborhoods, so when you see a single group of people, doing the say loud annoying things everyday for many years, a prejudice is born in your mind...and it's very very hard to let go of.
But I have met individuals among these groups, and many are great people. So I'm learning to un-learn my mental conditioning.

18. What are my Bottom Lines about how people treat me?
Respect doesn't mean submission or acceptance of my beliefs or ways; respect is honoring a person for who they are and what they do. As long as the person isn't hurting themselves or another by their ACTIONS, than I see no reason why you shouldn't respect that individual's beliefs or ways of living.
I ask that you respect me for being Gay, and practising a Pagan spirituality path. You need not believe in what I believe, or love the same way I love; I will respect your beliefs and ways as long as they do not harm yourself or others.

19. What are my Values?
My Moral Universe is a lil differant than the status quo. I do not smoke, drink or take any illegal drugs, but I still have my vices. And when I keep them in check, and use them in moderation I feel good about them. But in a way they can be addictive, so it's a constant struggle to find the harmony in my actions.The modern American Legal System has mangled the original intent of the US Constitution several times over, so I try to uphold the laws of our fore-fathers as best as possible, and disreguarding these new laws which actually take our rights away, rather than liberating us.

20. What are my Religious Beliefs and Practices?
I practice an earth based religion, which falls under Paganism, but I also take aspects from Zen and Christianity. I am also studying Celtic Shamanism.

21. Are you a Heinzist?

22. Are you are Non-Heinzist?
Hmmm, the basic laws of Heinzism are very similar to the basic Pagan laws, so in that spirit I follow a similar path to Heinzism. But if I have ever been a member or studied Heinzism? The answer is no.

23. Are you a Monk, Preist, Preistess, or ordain?
I am a Shaman. When you first undertake the path of Shamanism either it's because you're just curious to try something new or from birth you have had the call of nature in your heart, pulling you into the Otherworld in your dreams; the latter is true for me. Either you are or are not a Shaman. Which can be said of any path or occupation. For the masters out there, who knew who they were from the moment of their first breath, who followed their path whether it took them through the forrest or the university, these are the people who are what they are long before the degree, before the diploma.
I have not been certified as a Shaman, but I know in my heart that I am.

24. If so what church or religion are your ordained with?
That's the unique thing about healers, they don't belong to any one church or spiritual path; they walk all the paths between all the worlds.

25. Are you willing to learn and minister the Heinzist tradition?
If I am called to it's messages and way of life, I will eagerly pursue it's path. :)

26. Are you willing to Run in the Heinzist Interfaith Circle Services?

27. What are the religions you follow other than Heinzism? (if you are Heinzist, if not what is your mainstream religion.)
answered above

28. Is there anything else you would like to share about your
beliefs and practices?

I see Religion as a great big mountain, and the divine source is at the top, and all the peoples of the world are at the base looking up. Now you can't see this divine power very well, so your mind creates an image. Some see a man, some see a woman, some see an animal. Some may even see multiple figures, or nothing at all. It may appear dark or light, or like a rainbow of colors. But each individual sees something differant.
Some of the people form groups, people who all see something similar. These groups develope customes, rituals, and stories, and these groups grow larger. And some of the groups believe in some of the same things, but have differant ideals in other areas. Some of the groups views are vastly differant from any of the other groups.Yet not every person joins a group, some walk their paths alone.

So up they climb. Some walk on the easy winding road, others use ropes and climbing equipment, others prefer to climb the hard way. Some may wait at the base, some may build an elevator to the top, some fly in a helicopter, some try to levitate, some ignore the moutain completely and wander off into the woods.

Many people die, but many are born during the trip. Some are sacrificed by group leaders, others give up and jump off a ledge. Some stay where they are, half way up the mountain, content in their journeys so far.

And some of the groups make it to the top, and they touch the divine source. Some go mad, some die instantly, and the ones who can take it may return as messengers or will automatically transcend.

Those who return are seen as crazy loons, others as holy messengers, sometimes both. Some come back unchanged and dissappointed. Some are beated, laughed at, murdered for seeing the divine in a differant way than the others.

But I believe, the divine is....just is. No gender, no color, no existence or non-existence. It is and it isn't, all at the same time. And these are my views, yours will be differant, or similar...but I do NOT believe their is one right religion. We must all find our own path.

29. What are your skills?
I listen very well. I'm good at bringing Chaos to Order. I will go out of my way to help you.

30. What are your Hobbies?
Tarot, art projects, writting poetry, collecting art books, creating ideas

31. What are your areas of Knowledge?
Tarot, mythology, religion and spirituality, movies, music, some art, useless knowledge, UFOlogy, sexuality, dream interp., past lives, numerology, creating rituals, home decor

32. What are your Talents?
Helping others. Some others I care not to mention in polite company *wink wink*, *nudge nudge*

33. What are your Connections with others outside tribe which may
oblige us to action:

I'm not sure what you mean? Would I be willing to help someone privately outside the group? Then, Yes I would :)

34. Are you in Debt, both physical and emotional?
I can access my heart when others need support or compassion, but it stays closed for me. Physically, not really. But thought/emotion can affect our physical reralities fairly easily.

35. Are you Dependent?
Currently I live at home, and I'm without a job, so I'm dependant on my Mother

36. Do you have Other tribal affiliations?
I am connected with Red-Tailed Hawk's spiritual tribe, but as far as a culture of people, no.

37. What do you think you could Contribute the most to the Tribe?
Guidance and Understanding

38. Do you have any areas of specialty? Are you a councilor, a
doctor, etc?

I am a hairy pale shoulder to lean on :P

39. Can you teach and share anything of a certain subject with the
entire tribe?

Yes, it depends on the need though. I could talk about Divination, accessing your dreams, or walking the Shaman's path


a message to the group:

Salutations! My name is Andrew or you may call me "Wanderlust", I am
from the Madison, Wisconsin area, and I am 26. I hope that this
group will come together and inspire all who join to live a better
and happier life in the light!

Blessings To All!


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