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1:47 pm - 08.21.05
Susie and Nathaniel
I love Susie. She's an incredible friend who doesn't...who won't give up on you. Stubborn as a fucking bull, a fantastic chef, and so completly unaware of how powerful she really is. She could lead armies into battle, she'd be killing along side everyone else...blood on her hands, flesh in her teeth, fire in her eyes.... She really wouldn't have it any other way.

In about 10 days I will be spending a week with her, and two of our other friends, in a cabin, near the river of her dreams. And I know I'll be going stir crazy after a few days.

This is her birthday present, I want this to be a special week for her. So I hope I don't get too batty.

She won't hesitate to thwap me if I do.


Now I can tell you about the boy I met Friday afternoon.

His name is Nathaniel, he's a Haitian flight attendant, very young, very pretty, and smart! and sensitive! He's a Leo, but what can ya do?

I had a fun night with him, we went downtown, visited the porn store. He bought a magazine, and the way he looked at it, it seemed to be the first time. It was like a flashback. The first time I bought a porn mag, I remember thinking "omg, can there really be guys this beautiful....and hung!?" And the constant jittery looking around, hopingt I won't be discovered, oh the shame! Shame so thick, I was getting turned on.

I couldn't help noticing that Nathaniel kept scratching his crotch, I bet he was going nuts, aching to release his cock, to pleasure himself while those 2-D men look on with interest.

He's a lil guyt, so short and skinny, he's very pretty, sexy, a butt you just wanna grab. He might read this, so I should stop.

Being his friend will be good, he needs friends. Real friends, someone who will listen, and not just drool.


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