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8:48 pm - 08.30.05
looking out for Alf Mushpie
Ok, so the personal ad is doing pretty damn good for the first week.

ok, one sec, gotta go off on a tangent for a sec...

I'm having a convo with Susie right now about what to get her for her birthday, it's really funny:

Me: what do you need?
Me: you always act like you don't need anything
Me: you're impossible to shop for
Susie: bah. don't need anything
Me: yes you do
Me: i got you like 6 birthday cards
Susie: that's fine
Me: i couldn't decide
Susie: that's fine..
Me: uh huh
Me: what do you neeeeeed????
Susie: nothing.
Susie: im good
Me: right
Me: don't say nothing, you'll wind up with a singing fish
Susie: no singing fish
Susie: no one needs a singing fish
Me: ok then, i need ideas
Me: i do!
Me: ok ok
Me: a singing cat?
Me: they have a really cool one at walgreenes
Me: lol
Me: you're cute

I'm threatening to buy her a vibrator if she doesn't give me a clue.

Ok ok, back to boys. First guy who responded was J.R. I've talked to him just a wee bit on the phone. He's a very nice man, he rescues animals, and currently has two dogs. He lives in Spring Green, but he works in Madison. I set up a date with him on Friday, the 9th.

Ok, then there's the mystery man from Rockford. He didn't leave his name, but he said some awesome stuff. He's a Capricorn too, and born under the Dog, which probably means 1982, so he'd be 22/23. Again, there's an issue of distance, but he seems to have a real interest in spirituality and art, and he loves Elvis!!! So real possibilities there.

Today, just a few hours ago, I stopped at a coffee shop to fiddle with an art project. When this adorable sk8er boy came by the window. He was talking to friends, and I kept looking at him, and he kept noticing. Then he came inside, and sat in a chair right across from me.

I'm a total chicken, I'm a huge flirt, but not good with the follow through...thank gawd he was. He asked me what I was doing. That led into a facinating discussion about Dadaism, and his connections with these various art movements. He's very intelligent, as well as beautiful.

I felt comfortable with him. He's very very sexy, but I didn't get drooly, I was surprised. Like my brain was more arroused...oddness.

Where is my mind! His name is very interesting, he wrote it out, so forgive me if I'm typing this wrong, Liaiz-n, it's pronounced "zon", or I'm sure that's what he tells ppl to keep it simple.

I have years of my childhood dreading my last name, because ppl for the most part assumed it was "lucy" or "louse", I had to remind them, it's "loose", think "footloose".

Anywho, I gave him a Tarot reading, which turned out well, I hope. He asked very good questions, really helped me to find the information he needed to hear.

Even more awesome, a friend of his stopped by, Jessica, she was wearing a vintage Reeces PB Cups shirt. I gave her a reading too, which felt wonderful. I've been out of the business for so long, I missed offering guidence to others.

I got both their email addies, so hopefully we can all stay in touch!

The mysterious boy from Rockford may call tonight, so I better get going.

In case you were wondering, Alf Mushpie is the name of a woman whom Opus met while running the Personals desk at the Bloom County Picyune. She was his first love, this was long before Lola Granola.


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