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7:46 pm - 09.07.05
I don't have the time to edit this properly, so please just try your best to read around this word-wrapless email I got from Zon:

From: "Zon Wakest"


this experience is one of the most intense and crazy things I have ever seen.

the information in the country in flowing so fast that no one can really perceive the the whole picture, everyone in in shock.

my mind is reeling, I want to help in anyway I can, be apart of the action.

I am in Jackson MS. there are mile lines at every gas station, half the city is still without any power. Trees are laying across all the small roads in residential areas here, everyone is shook up, talking to each other about the situation. there are supposedly 80,000 refuges in town already, all without homes, staying at all the churches. you have to wait at least a few hours to get gas if you want to drive anywhere, if they even have gas, they usually only have gas once or twice a day. There is a $20 cap in most of MS on how much gas you can buy. All the gas stations are being run by police now, because there are so many people trying to get gas, so they can get away, or, get in and help.

everyone is talking.

everyone who has seen the coast says there are bodies floating around in the water. The death count on the media keeps changing, no one knows how many people it is yet, but the confirmed count seems to be over 500 now, I am sure that it will rise to above 1000 in the next few days. Every seems to have friends who are missing.

the internet is abuzz with people talking, asking questions about what if happening, everyone wants a central place for information, but there are hundreds of central places now. People are still blogging from inside New Orleans, that info seems to be the most sought out in the circles I am in.

indymedia sites have some information, but most of it is in the forums and chats.

I will try to but up more information on the internet when I find time.

I am safe, and have a place to stay here with some nice smart people here in Jackson.

I have some pictures of my trip out here at:
there will be more pictures up tonight of the disaster I have seen so far.

also, sometime today I will have stuff up at


more to come.

spread the word, info from people is more real then TV or News Media. This will change america forever.


yes, anything I send, is welcome to be spread everywhere. I still
haven't got a chance to put anything up on the Jackson Free Press,
but they are cool people and willing to work with anyone. We just
loaded our car with 6 cases of water, we had dumpstered all the
bottles from the local coffee shop here, and filled them up at the co-
op (Rainbow Co-op) here in Jackson, we are now heading towrds the
cost (early in the morning) to give the water away to some of the
small towns who have no water.

again, I am safe. happy (in an insane way) and feel like I need to
help in anyway I can.

spread everything I write if you care to, and my email is ok to
spread to if people want to ask specific questions.

the following is what Pierce wrote this morning and sent to all his
contacts, (Pierce is a new Nottingham resident that I am traveling
with, we left together on wednesday at midnight with out telling

he wrote this:

We arrived in mississippi Friday the 2nd, and everything appeared
normal. Around the jackson area road signs and trees were uprooted
and tossed and bent. 10 miles more south we encountered our first
line of cars. About 50 cars parked on the the side of the road, most
parked, awaiting the arrival of a delivery to an otherwise dry
station. The corporate affiliated station across the way we still
giving gas at a 20 dollar limit, but would soon run out with the line
still growing. Back into Jackson we discovered trees still straddling
streets, powerlines sagging onto sidewalks, and gas stations either
gasless, or with lines from three directions all under police
direction. Indoors we are hearing stories of people simply stranded
without gas, by the time a tanker arrives there is already a line at
the station and it's gone in 2 hours and everybody still waiting goes
home and waits until the next day. With one THIRD of the nations oil
production down, we have heard this situation is extending as far as
south Carolina. Electricity first began coming online friday in
Jackson, and more today but still about half the city is in blackout.
Refugees and piling up in hotels, a museum, and a coliseum. We talked
to some and at first they are positive, but eventually give way to a
feeling of being grossly neglected by the rest of the country. The
government of Baton Rouge evacuated before the storm struck, and the
city has now doubled in population in a few days. In general, the
situation is very serious, and has been treated in my opinion like
coverage of a broken refridgerator in a home with no walls and no
roof. I hope that this inkling of information I carry, can alert as
many people to the fact that there is a massive situation that is not
getting full attention, that is expanding in all kinds of different

again, I have put up some pictures of the trip out here (not of
Hurricane damage) at

but at that link I will have more pictures as I upload them.

for up to the minute photo coverage of the damage, this is a good
place to look, this is where I am looking:

this is another good place for "up to the minute" coverage http://

I am posting audio here:

I will post about ten interviews I did up sometime "hopefully" tonight.

Much love and thought spread from me to my home (which seems so vary
far away all of the sudden.)

I repeat, I am safe, don't worry about ME, worry about all the people
that are still stuck in New Orleans.



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