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8:06 pm - 09.07.05
Eagle River - The Aftermath
I'm not going to write very much about Eagle River right now, but there will be more later.

Becca's boyfriend's family's cabin was actually in Three Lakes, but still close by to Eagle River. For the entire week we were there, we had no hot water.
Cold showers were taken very carefully.

Lance insisted on bringing his two adorable ferrets, and then ignored them all week, meanwhile their wet dog smell infested the porch where I was trying to sleep. Needless to say my allergies were not happy!

The cabin was right on a lake, with a dock, and access to a moonless sky and stars you've never knew existed. The nights were beautiful and quiet. Some nights you could see the Northern Lights. Susie kept seeing shooting stars, I think her count was 32 when we left.

We also saw a few UFO's. I just filled out a report at UFO Wisconsin.

On another note, I did some really powerful channeling sessions with Susie, and gathered more information about some stuff. I think I've truly found a kindred spirit, and I am looking forward to knowing her better.

As a word of caution, never drink a third of a bottle of blue Vodka when you're depressed. Also it tates better with Sprite than it does with 7up. Actually it doesn't taste very good at all, sorta like the blue Listerine.

So I got very silly stupid drunk, I passed out, I was dizzy, it was horrible. I woke up with my first ever hangover, and every part of my body hated me.

Before the day of drunkenness I discovered I really liked Fuzzy Navels, they're very lip smacking good!

I tasted this other thing too, but I can't recollect what it was, but that was good too.

Now I'm on a quest for RENT lyrics....


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