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10:53 pm - 09.19.05
blue hitler oreo and something about wallflowers
Weekend at Shannon's was fun. And my throat hurts cause I might be allergic to Susie Dog, not Susie Friend.

Susie Friend always smell good.

I saw Chrissy today.

Scary, awkward, weirdness...have not seen her in long time. We had big blow up, about things.

Anyway, I don't know, it's kinda weird, maybe friends, maybe trial friends? I no know.

We did lotsa readings, looked at lotsa books, yeah had a good day with her. :)

good chrissy day.

I need to be patient with Adam, try not to scare him off, but he gets me all excited, he shines on me, and I shine back, I've waited so long for him, and he's here, and I want to pounce him!!!

But I must be Kwan Yin-ish now, compassionate of his needs. Be a friend and mentor.

More may develope later, so I can't fuck him on his birthday.

:( sad andy :(

I get job soon too! Don't know where, but I need to brush up on my skills.

Blah, my throat still hurts.

Chrissy Mom made great meatloaf, I don't really like meatloaf, but it was very good. It had pickles in it.

I do miss sex, I miss it bad. I WANT SEX!!!

Oh, I get to see Keith Urban on tHURSDAY!!!! YAY!!!!

This time I'm staying in my seat. Yes.


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