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3:11 pm - 10.27.05
Woo, our hockey team has some hotties on it, woooo!!!

Ok, lotsa stuff has happened, wow. Ok, Adam and Susie are getting along very very well, yet things with her hubby are getting worse (reminds me so much of Steph and R, her ex-hubby couldn't cook either). So this could be good or bad, depending on how things go. Adam isn't the guy, even though everything seemed to fit.
I met him in a public place, a female friend introduced me, and there was an instant and powerful connection.
He kinda reminds me of Gerrit, feh, I meet all these sexy geek boys, and then they freak out cause of dumb freakin' out reasons.
Anyways, I don't think Adam is gay, besides his obsession with David Bowie, he doesn't seem to get a stiffy for guys. Too bad, we coulda had a lot of fun.

So the Man Search continues...

Last week I did meet a lovely, beautiful, smily man at the club, which sorta fits the criteria (public place, female friend introduced us, semi-instant connection), he's dating this very hot blond boy right now, but the way Mr. Smily was flirting with me, I don't know how long that'll last.
His name is Stanley, and oh yes, he's beautiful, and has a smile of gold. And very naughty eyes too.

I had a job interview today at Valley of the Kings, it's in one of the zillion malls here. Their main item is swords and other sharp implements of death. They also sell cheesy animal statues, bamboo fountains, and velvet paintings. And Adam was going to buy a wolf one for Susie, I talked him out of it (you can thank me later). He's so white trash sometimes, it's cute.
The only velvet painting I would ever buy, would be a portrait of the fat Elvis in full sequined cape, just because it's the tackiest thing I would ever own. I would display it proudly over the water heater in the basement.

So let's recap, no boy lover, and probably no job either. The interview didn't go well.

But I do look damn fine in the A&F green button shirt Susie bought me *grins*


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