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6:51 pm - 11.02.05
My Dark Haired Lover
he was tall, and strong, and oh so large
I could not escape, his arms like a barge
he walked right up, and bit my neck
I thought for sure, my pants I'd wreck
up the stairs, he carried me high
on the bed he dropped me with a sigh
I looked in his eyes, so big and green
I knew he wanted to make me scream

he tore off his shirt, his muscles revealed
his chest and abs, were as smooth as a shield
he tore off my clothes until I was bare
he ran his hands threw his thick black hair
he straddled my excited and trembling frame
and kneaded my body with his hands like tingling rain
I wanted his cock, to run me through
he grinned like a cheshire, like he knew

I tugged at his belt, and unbuttoned his pants
he wriggled out of them with a sexy dance
the briefs barely held back, the weight of his tool
my own began to harden, and precum drool
I removed his meat, from it's CK sheath
I admired it's size, and the balls underneathe

I leaned in and tasted his pondorous collum
I joked, "my precious", like the snakish Gollum
I sucked him in, and he groaned
his eyes rolled back, "Uhhhmmm", he moaned
I swallowed his meat, and massage his balls so round
then he shot his load, I almost drowned
I released his sausage, and it dripped on my chest
he bent down and licked up the rest
I knew what was ahead, and my ass tightened
oddly enough I was excited and frightened

he rolled me over, and fingered my hole
he lubed me up, and shoved in his pole
I cried out, into the sex crazed night
he grunted loud, and bucked with all his might
he rode me long, and he rode me fast
when I almost cried, he came at last
a heavy thrust, then he was done
he pulled out, and kissed my sore buns
he lay next to me, and kissed my face
his heavy breathing, warmed our embrace
even with the pleasure and pain
I can't wait for him to do me again.

ADL 11-2-05


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