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6:36 pm - 11.03.05
i really have no idea what boys like, besides confusion and blowjobs
Ok, I've been putting this off for too long, so here goes.

Oct. 22, met Stanley "Mr. Smiley", he's dating Blond Eric, Blond Eric can do naughty things with cherry stems.

I also met Jay "Hung Eric" Schmidt, me and Susie call him Eric, because Susie's husband's name is also Jay. Don't ask me how I know that he's hung, he just is....*drool*

Adam came over that night, after the club, and we all hung out, had fun, everything was peachy keen. But leading up to Saturday, Oct. 29th, Adam starts acting dorky. I don't know why.

He's pissing me off, I nearly bite his head off a few times. If something's wrong, he's not talking about it, in true Virgo fashion.

Ok, so this last Saturday, we're at the club. Ann, David, Lyn, Chris, and Eric are there, and Susie and Adam are there with me. No Stanley though. :(

So everyone's flirting and groping just like last Saturday, everything seems fine, until Adam starts acting jealous.

Hello! Some time before he was hanging off my friend Drea, and some of her girlfriends, and now he's getting pissy because someone else gets to leave scars on Susie's body?! Fucknut!

Susie stayed at my house most of this last weekend, bought a lot of food and drinkies, and we forgot to use any of it. So Anna, David, Eric, Adam, and Susie all come back to my house. Where we proceed to have more groping orgies. But Adam sits in the corner, acting like a hyperactive dork. He can't sit still, but he won't participate either, and he keeps trying to get Susie and me drunker than we already were.

Ann and David go home, soon after Adam leaves too. And suddenly the energy in the room improves. I no longer feel tired or pissy, I feel awake.
And I can tell that Susie and Eric are getting along quite well. Which is a good thing, because Eric is a very sweet and romantic slab of manmeat. You can't decide whether to hold him or wrestle with him, either would be equally fun.

Ok, so I'm leaving out a lot of details, just because they're special and need not to be aired out to the public.

Tuesday, I do this orange rose love spell, Susie helps guide my energy, the ritual goes fantastically. I'm very pleased with the results.
So I cleanup, and we head for the club. We get there, sit at our usual table, with Adam; and he starts acting like a fucking mental patient.
He sits next to Susie, cuddles up to her, then suddenly jumps up and walks away. Then he comes back, tries to bite her wrist again, she says no, she doesn't want anymore visable scars, he freaks out, and walks away. He comes back again, tries to grope her again, by this time she's ready to smack him...and again he freaks out, this time he takes his cards and says he's going to go do readings for ppl.

He dissappears for a long time, we look around the club, can't see him, he apparently said "hi" to us, but I don't believe it. So we go outside, so Susie can inhale death fumes, and after a bit we decide to leave.

We head back to my house, I make her watch a silly animated gay porn, called "The House of Morecock". Then I put in the movie, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", Adam shows up just after the opening scene, he acts all indignant for ditching him at the club. After we explain that we couldn't find him (lying through our teeth, because we didn't really look), after he ditched us, we decided to leave.
So he chills out, and sits half on the couch, with his stupid ugly coat on, and watches the movie. I don't think he got it.

Too bad, it's a good movie. He plays dumb so much, I'm starting to believe he really is an idiot.

I've fallen out of love with him, any connection I felt for him, has gone the way of the dodo. I really hope I wasn't that obnoxious at 21.


Ok, today, Stanley called me on the way to his work. HE CALLED ME! I was trying so hard not to squeal when I was on the phone with him. He called to confirm that I am invited to his house warming party this Saturday. We didn't get to talk long, but I did find out that he used to be very artistic when he was younger, and wondered if I could help him get his creative juices flowing again.

Mary came by in the afternoon, and I said that I'd like to visit Stanley at work, but I thought his work was a farther drive. She didn't want to drive that far, so we set out to do my other errands. One of my stops was Walmart, to get something for Mom, but we ended up taking the wrong Hwy exit and ended up right near Stanley's work! Providence, I tell ya!
So we stop by for a bit and talk (he looks so good in the red uniform shirt), he helps me find a hard drive that meets my needs. As soon as I can afford it, I'll go back and get it.

His body language was weird though, so I don't know if he was uncomfortable with me being at his work place? I was being discreet, and not too affectionate.
He said he has tomorrow off, and he'd like to spend time with me. But I already agreed to help Mom at her work, and then later in the afternoon, I'm going on a roadtrip with Lyn and Eric, hopefully we'll be back in time for Stanley's party?
Maybe I'll get to see him a lil bit tomorrow, I don't really know.

Susie is on call this weekend, so maybe I'll find time to visit with her too.

I'm a mix of emotions right now, I don't really know how I feel about Stanley. I mean, he's still involved with Blond Eric, however unhappy they may be, it's still akward.

I'm going to try to catch the next bus home, goodnight everyone!


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