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3:52 am - 11.06.05
Questing Academy, fiction snippet
Here's a snippet of a story that I wrote while up at Eagle River:

"Well I don't want to carry it!" the young man tossed a satchel to a shorter man.

"Oof! It's stinks of elderberries!" the shorter man held the satchel at arms length and pinched his nose. "It's your quest, boy, so the burden falls on your shoulders!"

"I killed the Seven-Legged Beck of Ausur, I chopped off it's head. You merely poked at it with your dagger." the young man made poking gestures at the little man.

"How dare ye! This sword belonged to my Father, and his Father before him; it is an honored blade in Dwarfin Ledgend! I'll have ye know I sleyed the Fire Cockrel with this mighty blade!" the dwarf held aloft his sword with pride.

"Please, the Fire Cockrel is the size of a chicken! Kicking it would do more dammage than that silver toothpick ever would!"

"It blew singed my beard." the dwarf stroked his beard and cringed. "It still hasn't grown right."

The young man laughed. The contents of the satchel were growing increasinly rank as they walked down the road. So much so they had been throwing it back and forth to get rid of it. Yet they really couldn't, because it was the boy's quest. Given to him by the Wizard Tobin, from the Questing Academy. It wasn't a noble quest, or even all that important. But it was the cheapest, and would give him a much needed boost in his waning Beastology grade.
The quest had been to hunt and behead a Seven-Legged Beck (their horns were prized as aphrodisiacs, and their ears and tongue made a tasty soup to sterilize cheating spouses), and the town of Ausur had been advertising an reward to anyone who could kill the foul beast.

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