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2:22 am - 11.06.05
Worm Pickling
omg, what a fucking long weekend!

Friday, morning helped Mom at work, blah, bought one of those men's body hair trimmers, and it works! Even on my balls!

Friday afternoon, tried calling Stanley, it was his day off, but I never got a hold of him, sad andy.

Around 3pm, Hung Eric comes by, picks me up, we head over to Lyn's apartment, to pick up Lyn and her son Alex, and switch cars. Alex's bus shows up, but Alex is not on it. We freak out, call Lyn, Lyn figures out he's on the wrong bus, heading to a daycare. And to top it off, Lyn has almost gotten into 4 car accidents at this time.

Already I'm feeling like this weekend is wrong. Meanwhile, Lyn's bf is in the hospital. To protect privacy, I won't say why, it's reason enough to be concerned though.

Off we go, in a car named NIBBS, we eventually get to Wisconsin Rapids, but before we do, we almost get into another car accident. Lyn runs a few errands, drops Alex off at his father's, and we spend an ungodly amount of time talking bullshit at this house, with a very sweet kitty.

It's after 10pm when we finally arrive at Lyn's house, I meet her parents, her mom seems nice, her dad is a very loud asshole, and the dog doesn't like me.

We order pizza, play silly card games, play silly card games with my tarot deck, and I get very tired, and zonk out. Next morning, I meet Lyn's bro, he's a homey-g jock with a stiffy in his shorts, needless to say, I was horny for his virgin asshole. But I was good, and kept the gawkin' to a minimum.

Eric had an errand to run, which could possibly suck even more hours from our already lengthy weekend, and potential time with Susie. We go eat food, and it's fucking great, and we run the errand, and we leave, and yes, we almost hit ANOTHER car.

Back in Madison, confusion begats confusion, and we all decide to visit Lyn's bf, Chris, in the hospital. We have a lot of fun there, flirting and drooling over Chris' very tasty and smooth body. He look's great in silk boxers too! I get a lil peep show, and yeah, happy andy.

Then more confusion, I spend time at Lyn's house, I meet Janeanne Garofalo's evil bitch sister, and everyone leaves, I watch "Needful Things", my second fav movie about Devil comes into small town and wreaks havoc, the first being "The Witches of Eastwick", read the book, it's really really good!

Everyone comes back, we hang out, weird things happen in the kitchen, and Lyn goes back to visit Chris, because she had just avoided another car accident, and I'm thinking that this whole weekend was a big mistake and she shoulda just went straight to the hospital. Weird baptist lady who thinks we're all christians (LAUGHING MY FUCKING ARSE OFF!!!).

Lyn, I love you, please remember this, but you socialise with a few nutz. And if I ever see your dad again, and if he ever beats that dog in front of me again, I'm going to rip his dick off and beat him to death with it!!!

Lyn, Eric, and Chris are good ppl, I like them.

Ok, finally we go to Stanley's, it's after 10pm, I give Lee (female), the wine and bread, as housewarming gifts, may you never thirst, may you never hunger. I know Lee from somewhere, but we have no idea.

Mason was there, I think I've met him before, no idea. Other girls was there, don't remember her name, but she seemed like a fun girl. Ann and David show up, always good to see them. I get fed yams with sticky white goo on top. They were playing Trivial Pursuit, I join in and keep getting stuck with sports questions.

Stanley shows up, with his bf, blond eric, much to my dismay. And blond eric is suddenly looking really hot. Anyway, lotsa stuff happens, lotsa groping and flcl, lotsa stuff I haven't processed yet, so I'll write about it later.

I'm at Susie's house now, Hung Eric is here too, I just ate Susie's pie... her pumpkin pie, that is.

I don't know what's happening next. We'll see.

As for the title, there was a sign with apples on it, it said "Worth Picking", but m,y very tired mind saw...


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