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10:57 am - 11.24.05
My Hands Are Going To Smell Like Cookies!

I'm here at Susie's watching the Macy's parade.

Holy crap the short spitfire from West Wing can belt one heck of a tune, she just sang "Oklahoma!". Wow!

Eric is driving me nuts. I've seen too much of him this week. He has this annoying compulsion to state the facts...when I'm bitching at the TV, I don't care if my ramblings are factual or not!

I still love him, it's just that we're still in the begining stages of friendship. I'm going to want to kill him for the next month or so, then I'll get over it, and everything will be okay.

Apparently the Backstreet Boys are still alive.

The Click Five, very hot boyness...droool!!!!!

*screams like a Beatles groupie, then throws my underwear at them*

I just heard A.D.D. mentioned in a Pop song. *shudders*

31 Days Until Christmas!


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