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9:01 pm - 11.24.05
Turkey Day at Amerie's
Just got home from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Susie's friend's Amerie's house. We ate like kings!

There was turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, jellied and whole cranberry sauce, green bean caserole, cheesy potato caserole, stuffing, Hawaiian sweet bread rolls, pumpkin pie, and blueberry pie. Yumm-meee!!!!

Afterwards most of us drank Grasshoppers, I've still got a buzz from that lil green thing.

Amerie's house is very nice, and she has great tasye in stuff. Also in pets, they have a very sweet oreo cat, which came right up to me and loved me so much. Then there's the 2 mini dobermans, and they're like "Who are you? Why are you here? Please go away!" But then they climbed all over me like a Jungle Gym, and sat in my lap, and sniffed me in odd places, and then I was there best friend. Amerie took a few pictures, so hopefully I can get those posted soon.

Eventually the doggies and the cat were fighting over my lap, I felt all maternal again, I missed that feeling.

And I showed my protective teeth when this big jerk came in and started swatting the dogs around. This asshole lunges his hand in my face to get me to conform to outdated power plays called "greeting", and one of the dogs is in my lap, and he sees the hand as an attack and naturally takes a bite at it, as any small dog will do. This non-human, more like a walking rectum, he slaps the dog and shouts at it, then Amerie's hubby grabs the dog by the throat, and takes it into the bedroom! I tell the guy, whoever the fuck he is, to knock it off! Asshole!

Otherwise I had a nice time, and I got to take some of those yummy rolls home.


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