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11:09 - 12-29-05
my dream house
If I had the magic
I'd grow a tree as tall as a mountain
and build me a house
up high in it's branches

I would live there alone
and fall asleep to the steady wind sway
you might call me wacky
but I would call it home

I would let birds and bats
nest in the roof
I would make feather blankets
from their fallen feathers

I would raise a whole garden
my own Hanging Gardens
up high in my tree
I would never go hungry

The stars and moon
would light my dreams
and the embrace of Goddess
would keep me warm

I would live to be very old
and the tree house
would become my grave
only time would remember me

11:04 - 12-29-05
a needed response
And if you say Clayton may even ____ you, then don't you think he knows what he's doing? I bet you admiire him. I bet he's a good man. He woudln't ___ a worthless man. A man any less than wonderful. And that is you.

-Lisa Marie

2:06 - 12-29-05
Raspeluna's Ressurection, pt.1
They thundered down the canyons, past the corpse trees, down through the abandonned elf tunnels, to the resting place of their Lord, the Great Raspeluna. They whipped their horses into a frenzy, charging in circles around the tombstone. The warriors raises their swords, and shouted into the air.
Their leader lept off his horse, and climbed to the top of the monolith. He looked out over the valley, the trees were still scarred from the fires, the grasslands still carried the stain of blood. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a tiny scroll.
He looked up into the sky, he could see the Red Planet to the North, and the Great She-Bear constellation rising high over the Brandy Mountains. It was time.

"HALT!" he cried out to the warriors. They quieted their horses, and formed a cresent line around the front of the tombstone.
He took a quick glace at the scroll. No need for explanations, they knew why they were here. He raised his arms to the sky.

"Great and Powerful Mat-uva, Mother of us all, bless us with your pressence!" He saluted from his forehead to the sky. "Alleiluah, she is here!"

"SHE IS HERE!" the warriors echoed.

He checked his footing, then slowly knelt down at the tip of the monolith, and lowered his arms towards the earth.

"Awesome and Terrible Leguba, Father of death, rise up and bring her soul back to us!"

"SHE IS RISEN!" the warriors echoed again.


feh, inspiration gone... I'll finish this later.

1:30 - 12-29-05
feelings and books
What if I just threw it all away?
The furniture
my old futon
put the books I'll never read into a box
ditch the magazines I never paid for
I'm feeling trapped again
like the walls are closin in
ugh, it's so melodramatic

Clayton bought me a book
"Reflections of the Christ Mind"
by Paul Ferrini

It's a book of quotes
quoted from previous Paul Ferrini books
it's a lil self-indulgent
even if the ideas are very insightful

"My teaching is about remembering. It is about becoming conscious of the truth and living it. It is not enough just to know the words. Words are easily forgotten. Words must become practice. And patience must become spontaneous action.
You have focused so much on how great I am, you have forgotten your own greatness. You have neglected the fact that forgiveness cannot be offered to a world except through you. And you cannot offer it, unless you have accepted it for yourself."

-Paul Ferrini "Miracle of Love"

Clayton also gave me the "Gemstone Bible", the actual title being:
"Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals" (2005 Edition)
by Melody

This is one of those special refrence books, everyone has one.
It describes the scientific properties of each gemstone, mineral, or cystal; and includes a description of the mystical and spiritual properties as well.

"Whereever you are, whatever you do, a part of you is experiancing universal love."


12:42 am - 12.29.05
weblog entry 001
Heyho, I'm tired and fiddl;ing with my design, two of the worst combinations ever. I'm trying the weblog thingy. We'll see how this works.

I need to fix my older page now.


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