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10:45 - 01-29-06
purple donkey balls
i want to be free floating
in the moonlight
free from cold air
cold body
torturing my throat
why does it scratch
what causes that
why doesn't it just go away
when i swallow stuff

i want to worship in the woods
tonight but it means sacrificing my health
i could get naked
and i'd so regret it tomorrow
my body would be the sacrifice
i want to burn stuff

set fire to something
let it burn it's toxic fumes
get arrested for nude arsony
maybe i'll burn some books too
just for a goof
the sin of flaming literature

watching billy crystal's story
in playboy sci fi collection
bursts into flames
have fun stormin' the castle
simply marvelous!

i need to take up smoking
ciggerettes will kill the cold
it'll give me much bigger things to worry about
like dying
dying might be a good idea
since employment land doesn't seem to want me
i won't need money dead

just make this cough go away
it's going to get worse
my balls hate me
they ache
i get horny when i'm sick
but i lose all sensation
just hornyness with boring orgasms
my balls hate nude cold too
they won't like me tonight
but i gotta go dancing on the cold earth
and burn something

if i only had a can of spray paint, i'd graffitti something
protest something
to get a bloody erection at this point
put some fire in my belly
burn the cold away
oh gawd i feel lumps in my throat
there goes the fucking glands
swelling for no reason

i hate being sick
i hate looking sick
i hate when i get spontaneous ritual ideas when it's cold and wet outside
i mean this fucking sucks ass
maybe i'll set the dumpster on fire
that could be fun
i just want 50% of my stuff to go away

this is ridiculous
where am i going to put all this stuff?
it keeps accumulation
books i'll never read
i don't know how to end this strange rant
just gotta be

12:27 - 01-24-06
me here alone
I'm feeling alone
but I can feel your arms around me
I feel your warmth
your head resting on my shoulder
kissing my neck
beard scruff rough against my skin
I can feel your body aghainst me
even though you are not here
I feel alone
and caressed
safe within your arms
here alone
just me
and you out of reach
me here alone
you out there alone
breathing in the darkness
counting cheese
numbering cheese
tasting cheese
and really wanting
to taste me
me tasting you
hugging holding you
here now
we two alone
I feel gold now
where have you gone
are you gold too
are we cold together
come back cold twin
warm me like fire brother
be mine tonight
be mine every night
here now alone
yes me you
in this perfect moment
here us alone now


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