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2:33 - 07-18-06
If you can't find the Roto-Rooter Man, will Tommy Lee do?
Job front is getting scary now. I think Dollar General has forgotten me, still no word.
But I picked up an app from Crystal Farms, the cheese factory, and even though they won't be looking until next month, it'll be good to get my foot in the door now.

I need to find something soon though, maybe I can do readings at the Rose Gallery?

Or I can go work for Satan, at Sentry Foods.

Pirates of the Caribbean was totally awesome!! Go see it, you must!

I didn't get a chance to see Superman, I was really pissed about that. Liz kinda monopolised my whole vacation. I did find a few cute things at Mawell Street Days.

My time is up soon, so I should go.

Things are changing, they just feels like the drain of prosperity is clogged with hair.

4:09 - 07-11-06
going to madtown soon
I'm coming home!

Well, just for a lil bit.

I've been reading books like candy, I can't stop. Never before have I been able to read so much in such a short time.

Dan Brown is a predictable writer, I've read three of his books now, (Angels & Demons, The DaVinci Code, and Deception Point) and each one is exactly the same plot.

Huge discovery is made, covert organization is murdering the people who discovered it, enter our hero and heroine, they race to uncover the mystery, all the while confusing us with intellectual intercourse, the undercover assasin picks up their scent, the secret bad guy is revealed (never a surprise), hero and heroine fall madly inlove, one of them reluctantly uses a gun, the big secret turns out to be a huge disappointment or hoax, and the hero and heroine smile knowingly at eachother; btw, everything has happened in under a week!

You learn stuff, I'll give him that. Piers Anthony is the same way. He's a fairly well known sci fi writer, only all of the books I've read of his all follow the same basic plot. But he does do a ton of research into the subject matter, so you end up learning something.

Why Brown and Anthony don't just write textbooks, is beyond me.

Ok, so back to the Madison trip. I have two goals:
see Superman, and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean.

Nothing shall stand in my way!




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