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7:16 - 08-23-06
starting work at Sentry
Shannon and Chad drove me back home on Sunday, but before that we made a quick stop at my storage so I could get more of my much needed clothes!

I saw a bunch of my friends this last trip. I stayed Sunday and Monday nights with Lisa Marie, and I got to see our friend Lauren. Then I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at Lynn's place. We hung out with her now fiance Chris, and on Wednesday I got to see Ann and David. Ann and David now live above a hair salon near downtown Middleton, and they have the coolest apartment. All the rooms connect by these big arches. I was mentally redecorating while I was there.

Later, after a few more people showed up, we played Karaoke Country, it's a videogame similar to Dance Dance Revolution. Instead of dancing on the correct spot, you sing into a microphone which somehow recognises your pitch. You then try to keep the pitch of your singing as close to the song's pitch.

The song selection wasn't very good. Most of it was current hits, the songs that have been played to death on the radio. But there were a few classics by Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Patsy Cline. The odd part, was the songs were done by cover groups, and were made to sound like the original artists.

This was my main problem with the game, when you've sung a popular song over and over, you can start to match the vocalists, nomatter how tonedeaf you are. But when a cover group does the song on the game, they came close, but they weren't right on. So suddenly you had to forget everything you remember about the hit song, and try to follow the pitch of the cover artists. Also the tempo was changed in a few of the songs.

Goodbye Earl is a good example, I'm sung that thing a thousand times, it never gets old. The tempo has an upbeat rhythym, it's foot tapping... But the cover band went with a slower tempo, so everyone playing kept trying to sing too fast. It was horrible.

There are a few modern day country songs I cannot stand, because they hit a vocal range that makes my ears bleed. "Independance Day" is one of those songs. She hits these high high HIGH notes, and when the man next to you, who proclaims to everyone that he's a former choir boy falsetto, I start looking for my ear plugs. Not only is Independance Day the favorite song of the group, I think they played it atleast 4 times, and every single time Chris sang along.

I agree, he's a falsetto, approaching castratto, seriously he puts Smokey Robinson to shame, he could blow away "Wildfire" if he ever sang it.

But I can only stand falsetto for so long, before my ears start bleeding. My comfort level is with the baritones and bass tones. Johnny Cash is the man, his voice is an earthquake. I can almost get to his tone.

So after the third time through of Independance Day, I went for a walk. Figuring I'd stroll around the neighborhood, and let them get all the falsetto, screaming like a girl, all outta there systems.

Lisa took me to this great lil diner in downtown Middleton when she used to live there, and I happened to be about a block from where it was. Or shall I say was.. as in it was there, but is now a catering company. So no more ranch fries, sorry Lisa.

I walk back to the apartment, and they're still playing. It's getting late, and Chris has another place to be at soon, and if he doesn't show up soon, he could potentially be in a whole heap full of trouble. But there he is, toppless on the couch, having a good time. So what?

I met Ann and David years ago, but lost track of them. I didn't meet Lynn and Chris until late last year. We'd go out and party at Club 5 atleast once a week, if not more. I had a lot of fun, and there are times I miss dancing at the club. But something in me has changed.

I come back into the apartment, and I realised how bored I was. Not that these friends of mine were boring, they're fun to be with... it was more of what we were doing. I had more fun on that short walk than I had had the whole night. And all I did was walk around the neighborhood and look in shop windows. I think I'm growing up. *shudders*

I made a joke, perhaps a badly timed one, and it hurt Chris' ego quite a bit. I feel bad about that.

Dammit, somebody needs a computer, so I won't be able to tell you about my first days at Sentry.

They've been good so far, though. :)

Saturday I went to Sadie Ann's first birthday at Chuckie Cheese, the place was hell on earth, do not take your children there. Otherwise it seemed Sadie Ann had a good time, the way she demolished her cupcake.


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