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1:01 pm - 09.16.05
I think I met him.



I can't be too sure, but we get along well, and have a seemingly similar set of beliefs, interests, and goals.

He's going to make me want to be a better person.

Bah humbug!

I've already applied for two jobs this morning.


He's a Virgo, bloody Virgos everywhere!!!

Wow, nice shoes!

Ok, I saw the Goat play, and forgot to was excellant! And it was very disturbing too. It hit me somewhere very deep within my soul. And I know where, and I'm not telling. I don't want to have sex with goats or any other kind of animal, it's not that.

Though the expression "hung like a horse" has a reasoning to it. Horses are very hung, like nearly two feet! Like those Christmas sausages you get every year. I mean a dick like that would hurt, and might even kill you if you rode it too far down...but c'mon a guy would look so hot with a 2ft dick.

Tom of Finland agrees with me...

Ok, back to Adam, that's the guy's name. I think I wrote an entry a long ways back about this young man I met at Club 5 while I was doing readings? We only talked for a second, cause I was giving a reading to someone else, but I gave him my card, and he said he would call.
And he didn't call, which is just as well, because my phone number has changed anyways.

Nice hat!!! YUMMMMMMYYY!!!!!

Eye candy, pardon me...

So last last Tuesday, after I got back from Eagle River, I went downtown to check emails, write updates, and so on. On the way home on the bus, these 5 very cute boys got on, like High Skewel age, with some girls. And right off I'm pretty sure at least all the boys are gay, but the girls seem straight, so they're like teenage fag hags? Anywho, they're talking about going to Club 5, and I'm thinking about following them, because it's Chicken Night (18-20 are allowed at the club to use the dance floor and drink sodas, the bar is fenced off for the adults). But I'm also very tired, and I have my big ol' backpack with me, so I decide to head home.
My intuition was telling me to go, but I ignored it because my body was telling me to go to bed.
Jenny, was at Club 5 that night, and she ended up talking to Adam, the Tarot reader there, and as she told me later, "he reminded me of you, Andy". She also said that she told Adam about me, and that I used to do readings there too. And he told her that he got a card from me, but never got around to calling.
So a few days later, I talk to Jenny and she tells me about meeting Adam...and we plan to meet at Club 5 for the next Chicken Night, this week's Tuesday.
So we go, and he's out on the balcony giving a reading. And I don't recognise him, because the last time I saw him he had long hair down to his shoulders, now it was cut short like mine.
And he didn't recognise me either.

So Jenny and I go inside, talk for a bit. She sees someone she knows and is talking to her, so I finish off my fuzzy navel, and decide to look for him. I go back outside to the balcony, and he's there with some very twinky guys.
I sit at a table a few feet away, get my cards out, figuring he'll come over, which he did. And he says that it took me bringing out my cards for him to remember who I was. So we talked, and talked, and talked, about all kinds of stuff. And there are spiritual soul connections there, powerful connections. I just hope his Virgoness doesn't start doubting his feelings, as you bloody Virgos do!

I want him to meet Susie, I think they'll probably gang up on me, which could be kinda kinky...

I stayed until bartime, afterwards we went back to my place. Originally it was meant to be a quick stop, to show him my Big Book of Everything; but we got sidetracked. I showed him a brief portion of my porn collection, and watching him blush several shades of red, made it so much fun to show him more. I wanted to attack him so badly that night. But I restrained myself. I'm not going to jump him until I know he's interested.
We could have sex at any time, and it would be fun...but if he's not interested in me, then it would also be empty sex. I don't want that anymore. If we're only meant to be friends, that'll be okay. But I see in him all that I've been wanting. I just always thought "the guy" would be older.

I'm going away this weekend to spend time with Shannon and Chad and their new baby, Sadie Ann. It'll be nice to see them again.
She says they're moving back to Madison again, and I hope they do...there current place seems like an unsafe place to raise a child.

Life at home is getting worse. So I hope I can find a job soon.


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