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10:19 - 08-18-06
court thing update
Ok, this was days ago, I never had to go to court. I talked to the attorney, she did get my letter. The fine was cut in half, and I have two months to pay it, so all in all I think it all turned out pretty great.

Just one bit of semantics before I drop this forever; the cop who wrote the ticket said, because I left our apartment to yell at her, that was Disorderly Conduct. And I can agree with that, that's fine. Stay on your property to bitch at scary people.

But the city attorney said the ticket was because I was yelling and swearing at the woman? Ok, but the crazy lady was yelling and swearing at me too, in the middle of a public parking lot, and she doesn't get a ticket?



So I stayed up way to late last night, totally all my fault. I stayed at Chrissy's, and her cat, Madge kept bugging me, like "Go to bed, goto bed!"

I did finally listen, but I realised I was only going to get like 4hrs of sleep. So I'm partially brain dead right now.

I need to get going. I'm hanging out with Mom this afternoon.

10:10 - 08-09-06
court fuck
I don't remember if I wrote about this yet or not.

Remember my lil runin with the mumbling bitch just before I moved? Well, it appears I have another court date, and an attorney this time (which I still haven't been able to get ahold of).

I'm scared, angry, pissed off, frustrated, stressed, I can't afford $200 extra right now!!! And I refuse to pay that because she didn't like that there were chairs in front of our building!


I'm not a mature person when I get backed into a corner like this. I explode and do irrational things. Why aren't I allowed to move on with my life?

This whole thing happened the night before we were going to be gone, I was moving way way out of the city, and Mom was moving several miles away. The likelyhood of ever seeing these crazed white trash zombies ever again was nil!

Why did she stop the car? Why did she get out? Why did she automatically turn into a raging puss zit? I was calm, I was actually calm, usually I'll fly right off the handle, but no, I was calm. But she wouldn't fucking listen to me!

Now I have to go into Madison, con someone into giving me a fucking ride to the fucking courthouse in the middle of jesus fucking christmas nowhere, and go to a court date.

The American Justice system is wasting their time on this. If I hit her, if I strangled her, or fought back when her son steam-rolled me into the wall; I could understand this. I'd probably be in jail right now. That would make sense.

I'm so pissed right now.

Btw I got the job at Sentry.

It's confirmed, I have a job, I start on the 21st.

yay fucking deal.


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