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4:10 - 10-15-07
hot erotica #2

the water looks cold

is that a tattoo?

i like how his adam's apple sticks out

i dream of a post-apocalyptic city where you can play hover ball in the streets with hot albinos

to be truly free,to open your arms to the infinite, can feel like a rushing orgasm to the brain

3:56 - 10-15-07
Bear Attack
Bear Attack - Kids in the Hall

A classic sketch from the KITH!

3:48 - 10-15-07
Grape Crush
Last week something funny happened. I was at the South Transfer Point, a city bus stop where many busses converge. And I looked down into the street, and right by the curb was an empty discarded can of Grape Crush (soda brand).

Right as I saw it, a bus pulled in and crushed the can flat with it's tire. It was a funny moment I had to share.


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