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3:26 pm - 09.15.04
Notes are a good thing, Mike :)
A voice next to me the dream spoke, I did not turn to see his face. "Mike, remember there are millions of stars, don't reach for just one."


I wanted to leave him a note, telling him how much I like his writting, but he doesn't have his notes turned on!

How am I supposed to flirt with you if you don't give your horny fans access? I guess I'll see if you have an email, but that's so troublesome. Feh.

Anyway, "Mike", your dream voice reminded me of a song.

"Stars in your multitude, scarce to be counted, filling the darkness, with order and light, you are the sentinels, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night, keeping watch in the night."

-Inspector Javert (from "Les Miz")

Sexy Mike-boy hasn't updated since the begining of September, so I don't know if he's even going to see this.


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