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4:45 - 10-06-07
my baloney has a first name it's B-O-N-E-R
An Ode To Erections!

Hmmm, I thought I had more...if I find any, I'll put them here.

Except for the one I'm gripping right now, that's for my own enjoyment!

4:36 - 10-06-07
Harry's Pooter!
Here's some pics of Daniel Radcliffe, better knows as Harry Potter. Most of these are from a controversial play he recently did in New York. He plays a farm boy who falls in love with the farmer's wife and a horse, and at some point he does a few nude scenes.

Unfortunately the theatre has kept Danny's ding-a-ling under wraps, but here are several pics of the rest of him.

There are a few duplicates, but do you really care?

this one's from a Harry Potter movie. He's taking a bath, and Moaning Myrtle the ghost takes a peek at his willy!

I have no idea what this is from...

4:33 - 10-06-07
old maps
I love old maps, here are two that I found interesting...

the Island of Crete


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