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3:50 - 02-05-06
suck on my big fat one, domain hosting!
Ok, I am so excited right now!!!


I just figured out a way to build a website, where the hosting is free, there are no ads or pop-ups to deal with, and it's going to be so friggin' easy!!!!!

The only downside I've found so far, is that I still won't have my own URL, yet that is a small sacrifice to make, considering all the BS other free webhost places put you through. On Bravenet and Geocities, you have to click through several screens, re-enter your password everyday, and get around ads and popups hogging your screen space; but not on Diaryland. Here the only places you find ads are in the members area.

I bet I'm the first to discover this loophole in Diaryland's design.

Dammit, now I'm getting tired. I do my worst work when I'm exhausted. Grumble fuss!


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