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1:43 - 05-20-06
Links to save
Here's a list of Tarot decks with samples of the art Tarot Mother

Here's Julie's shop website, she sells her own art in a shop in Watertown. I'll check it out soon. New Moon Trading

1:34 - 05-20-06
MAAT Tarot Reading
There's a local Tarot artist near where I live, and she has a online reading thing linked to her site.

So I did a relationship reading asking if it would be a good idea to contact her and maybe work with her on my own Tarot deck.

I've copied the html from the print view of my reading, the images don't load, but the text is all there.

You can get your own free MAAT Tarot reading by Clicking Here


Relationship Spread for Andrew

  This reading provided by

Your Question Is:

Would Julie be a creative and spiritual ally in my life right now?







Your View of Your Partner

The Lovers

Beltaine, Cross Quarter Day - May 1

May Day, or Beltaine, is another "betwixt and between" time sacred to the Celts. Like Samhain it is a doorway. Beltaine welcomes us back to summer. On these days there are no rules or taboos and anything goes - including sexual encounters.

Beltaine is the celebration of the joining of god and goddess in the Sacred Marriage as well as the joining of the high priestess and high priest in sacred sexual union. Transforming the virginal high priestess into the newly pregnant and faithful Empress is an important part of this doorway to summer. This union transforms the Fool into the Goddess' High Priest/consort.

She is the fertile, flowering earth that will bare fruit and He is the return of the Green/ Green Man, who nourishes her fruit.

Attributes: Lust; choice.

Your Partner's View of You

The Star

The full moon cycle of Aquarius

The Egyptians called Sirius the Dog Star, its heliacal rising coincided with the Nile's annual Flood. The flooding of the Nile takes place when the Full Moon is in Aquarius.

The typical interpretation of the Star card is synchronicity and universal timing. The "Dog Days" occur between July 24th and August 17th. Sirius rises with the sun (invisibly) on August 4th and rises one hour before the sun on August 15th. Sirius is called the Dog Star because it 'dogs' Orion, chasing him through the night sky.

This card often asks us to look a the bigger picture, to see things in terms of Universal Time, synchronicity and cosmic consciousness, looking at life in terms of geologic time.

Attributes: Universal Law; coincidence; synchronicity.

Your Needs

The Devil

Winter Solstice

Cross Quarter Day: the shortest day of the year, December 21st

The word solstice comes from the Latin word “sol stetit” sun-stands-still. This hesitation happens during the longest and shortest days of the year, the Summer and Winter Solstices, the sun setting and rising in the same spot for six days. On these extreme occasions this phenomenon must have raised some fears for our observant ancestors that perhaps the life-giving sun would indeed not return.

Creation Myths generally portray a symbolic view of birth; first there is darkness in the churning, liquid, uterine environment (Kali’s Ocean of blood), then it is told that the Mother is alone in the dark abyss (sometimes called a Void or the Deep). Then, suddenly, there is an abrupt light and consciousness emerges. All is new.

The Winter Solstice is the cross-quarter day that begins the return of longer days in the Northern Hemisphere; it is also known as the day when Mother Earth gives birth to the Sun child.

When this card appears in a reading, it often indicates an intense and karmic relationship - positive or negative. It refers to people with whom we have work to do. Meaningful pain. There
will be pain until the work is done followed by great joy. This card
represents the results of lust greed and other human shortcomings.

This is the time of the year that the earth is at it's fullest and the fields are full of the harvest. All the fruits of the earth have their `umbilical cords' still attached to their mother just as we do. This is not unlike the symbolism of the chained couple in a traditional devil tarot card. It also marks the time when fields must be harvested a daunting manual task in ancient Europe. This also marked the last month before the time when the green of earth would begin to fade.

The Piscean image is two fish, or "Great bodies," heading in opposite directions. The Full Moon in Pisces is the waning sun and waxing earth. This is the season that earth is at its fullest fruition as sun decreases light and Pisces represents the union, repulsion and eventual reunion.

This last full moon before the Autumnal Equinox marks the days just before the dark hours overtake the light hours. It is the beginning of the shadow time brought about by Mutspell (Mother's Curse) when newly adopted violent gods neglected the old laws of peace and blood kinship.

Attributes: Karmic relationships; opposites bound together, creating, healing, the pain of labor, the results of lust.

Your Partner's Needs

King of Cups

b>The Full moon in Sagittarius

Food for the soul

This card represents a man who has control over his emotions. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. He is calm, charming, sweet and isn't effected by scenes of emotional drama. He has an extremely affectionate and generous nature is a kind and patient lover and a good father. Despite the fact he loves to party and wouldn't think of passing up a good time this man is a 'keeper'.

The King of Cups signifies the relationship that has stability loyalty and longevity.

The Current State of Your Relationship

Five of Cups

The New Moon in Taurus

Death in the midst of life

This card represents a pessimistic point of view. Emotional loss can fog perceptions of reality.

The image implies that in the midst of life we are in death.

The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow

The Emperor

Full Moon cycle of Aries, after The Autumnal Equinox

The overall theme or lesson of the Emperor/Aries lunar cycle is all about the cause and affect of mortality. The things we do, the decisions we make, the pressures of our mortality can influence our actions and reactions to the world around us.

The MAAT TAROT calendar begins with the Full Moon cycle of Aries just before Halloween, the Witch's New Year.

This is the time of the year when all that is green changes to the beautiful gold, oranges and reds of autumn. The Death of the 'green man' and his transformation into the 'Lord of Shadows' signals the coming of the dark days of winter. The season of autumn is the metaphor for our own mortality.

The message of the Full Moon in Aries is, as the trees go from uniform green to the plant's natural variety of brilliant hues, to 'show our true colors' and let ourselves shine through. We are young, and strong only for a short time. We should not be afraid to be who we are in this life. Our physical time is limited, so live from your heart, without the shackles of regret. What we believe about ourselves is what we will become. We should never wait to become who we are for it is later than we think. Our mortality is the gift that gives us a reason for self-focus. The Emperor teaches us while it is good to serve others; we should never forget our own value.

In a reading, the Emperor represents a person of power who is often at the center of the lives of the people around them. This person is not afraid to speak up for people who are too timid to speak up for themselves. This personality type makes no apologies for the way they are, if you don’t like them its your problem. They realize life is too short to wait for someday and they never miss an opportunity. When seeking information about timing this card would represent a critical turning point, with a ‘now or never’ do it your own way take matters into your own hands tone.

Attributes: Virility; fertility; physical love; nature; woodlands; reincarnation; cross roads; wealth and commerce; hunter-gatherer; oneness with nature; mortality.

The Path Your Partner Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow

The Hermit

Full Moon cycle of Capricorn, after the Summer Solstice

Planetary Ruler: The Moon

The Image for the Hermit in the MAAT Tarot is the ancient Egyptian god Ra whose secret name was the Sun. Ra is indeed the hermit as he always sits alone in the daytime sky joined occasionally by the moon goddess alone. Ra was the supreme god in Egypt. Ra reigned over every land in the world even foreign nations. Egyptians found this to be true because everywhere they
traveled Ra (the sun in the sky) was present.

In a reading, this card represents reaching some kind of peak. It
can also represent being lonely at the top. The card represents
the wise old sage or master teacher who is above society and living alone on the mountain.

Attributes: Culmination of the heights and depths

Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider

Princess of Coins

The Full moon in Pisces

The peri-menopausal woman

The Princess of Coins represents the mature woman who has reached many of her goals she is apprehensive about what growing older will bring and yet she realizes she is the happiest and she has more freedom than ever before. She knows who she is.

The Outcome

Queen of Wands

Week of the full moon in Cancer

"The full moon phase symbolizes generosity and the need to give to others. This phase implies an intuitive objective understanding of self and others."

The image for the Queen of Wands is the spinner. This queen is a woman who can make something from almost nothing. She is the mother magician her wand is the distaff. She has gathered the fibers from the fur of animals she raises and is spinning it into the thread that can be woven into the many things she needs to keep her children safe and warm.

However during the 12 days of Christmas the women of Old Europe suspended their 'all important' job of spinning and were involved with other work.

Literally translated Solstice comes from the Latin "sol stetit" meaning sun stands still. Whatever the reason, on January 7th the 13th day, spinning was resumed and the day became known as St. Distaff Day. Though there is no such saint it does give honor to the day that housewives went back to their usual routine of spinning and weaving cloth to clothe and dress their families and their homes.

This card can be taken to represent necessary work being done, happily and without grudge.

© Copyright & Julie Cuccia-Watts, 2005

This reading provided by

12:38 - 05-20-06
Wisconsin Stubborn
Hello Everyone!

How are you?

Oh, I'm doing fine.

Lake Mills is a fine and beautiful community filled with wonder, newness, freaks, serious freaks.

There's an ugliness here that's a lot more apparent than in a bigger city. The site of the gallows is now a lovely gazebo. Just cover it up, no one will notice kind of mentality.

Gossip runs rampant here. I'm doing my best not to fall into that.

There is beauty here though, the trees are still alive here, they still sing. There's a big tree outside my window, the branches nearly touch. Birds and squirrels are always in view, and bunnies too. And they all like to fuck right there too. sparrow fucking is hilarious.

Rock Lake is a short walk from here, the water is crystal clear, and there's tiny colored pebbles and snail shells all along the beach.

This place has potential, it can be a home.

But I realised something, there's a town in a musical I love, River City, Iowa. This is the town, differant name, but it's the same town. Prof. Harold Hill could come rolling into town at any moment, and I would not be surprised.


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