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4:12 - 10-06-07
two beauties

just a sweet looking guy

hot dawg! sexy swimmer! very well balanced shot (pose and lighting)

4:05 - 10-06-07
hot erotica #1

I wanted this one to go in the top banner, but it just didn't fit... my god, the boners trying to explode out of those tighty whities, ouch!

funny sexy weird shot of drunken boys going a lil south of the border.

dirty sexy

This last one struck me, it's haunting and filled with something heavy...

4:01 - 10-06-07
I think I shall call him Brandon...
Here's a tasty boytoy for you!

I like that he's so big, everywhere he bulges, and yet he's so smooth and shiny. He looks warm and inviting.


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