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11:12 - 09-21-06
Pretend Pig
Pretend Pig

You play the victim so well, boy
It wouldn’t be much fun to torture you
Tie your bold body to my bed
You’d cry, long before the scars are permanent
I only want to teach you pain
And you would let me
While begging me for release
You are not worthy of my rage
Your puppy eyes disgust me
You strip naked for me
And tell me you’d do anything
Except anything really
You’re a pretend pig
Coddled by Mother Goose
You want a Daddy not a Tyrant
And I want someone I can abuse
My true love bruises deeply red
Your touch caress is soft
Eyes like a fox
But the soul of a rabbit
You devour your own intentions
Where do I fit in?
You already torture your self, so well

ADL 9-21-06

This is about a boy named Alec, he nearly has the body of a Tom of Finland model, and a dick of an impressive thickness I get mouth cramps. But he is a boy, and no not underage, he's 20, but his mind is a boy. He's not really kinky, and I'm not entirly sure if he's gay, he's experimenting.
He plays submissive games with me, and when I try to dominate him, he pulls back. He could be a great sex pig, he has great slave potential...but he's not ready yet to cross the line. And so I'm not going to waste my time with him.


2:45 - 09-16-06
Susie, I Worship "Sex and the City"
Ok, big surprise, I've been fired from Sentry.
I know, huge gaps between updates, and all you see is, I have a job, some depressing poetry, and then I don't have a job.
I need to work on that updating thing.

I wanted to be fired, so I made it happen. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

I'm seriously considering buying a car, parking it in the outskirts of town, and living in it through the winter.

Ok, not really.

I owe $70 for Augus rent, $285 for this month, and soon I'll owe another $285 for October. And there's the storage locker in Madison $55


Suddenly I see the Monkees singing in the library, until Mickey starts giving me a nekkid lapdance, all the soccer moms run screaming from the library, mounting their caravans and zoom zoom zooming away.

I might be a waiter, maybe, if the cafe will allow me to be one.

My irrational hatred of Sarah Jessica Parker is dimminishing every weekday at 10pm.

12:33 - 09-01-06
pleasure send
cards for sorrow cards for pain
song for shelter dance my incarnation
if love is shelter gonna walk in the rain
play my love boy love boy play boy play
into this indefinate infinite wonder
i fall i die i rise still i rise i sway
drooping down to earth to kiss my nation
surge power desolation pleasure crimes
take me away no gift no fair
hands push you push me so high
to die fly i lie to you for smiles
it's not dark yet but it's getting there
every one i yesterday gone
every one i take all those times
every one i love so it goes
everyone i love goes away in the end
buy flesh tickets rape my shows
give nothing pleasure send

12:27 - 09-01-06
word lines
black fluid blood floor sigh yes
rest now boy pillow face smile
die arms hold tease pull scream
die burn die love die release
coffee ciggerrettes pain discourse
hunger revelation empty cruel dull alive

12:26 - 09-01-06
something dark
something dark echoes behind me
a beast with hands they take
but they do not give
not giving not loving
hands follow me home
ghostly echoes of their touch

12:22 - 09-01-06
rusty lover
the blade she is sharp
sharp lover kiss my skin
watch me cry red tears
bleeding pain
she's so right
i crave
i see
i know
ripping a gateway
to the infinite spirit
flesh meets precise beauty
skin is eager to be cut
see how it slides down the blade
she's hungry today
another scar
reminders of ecstasy
of my enlightenment in blood


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