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5:24 - 03-13-06
National Video Game Legislation Passes Senate Panel

Here is some video game legislation news that affects all of us in the USA. The legislation proposed by the Senate Criminal Justice Committee has been approved by a Senate panel. The legislation will prevent minors from purchasing video games depicting torture, rape, or killing of characters.

We are curious how this legislation plans to define killing of characters. After all, even the most tame Mario game has you kill the bad guy. And if animals count as characters, then Duck Hunt would have been illegal for minors as well.

Although this type of legislation has been struck down in courts, many legislators feel it is important to proceed with the attempt because it is their "obligation to send a message against violence."


4:09 - 03-10-06
i am so fucking infuriated by this
Why are penises so fucking offensive! If it was the Creation of Adam or the Statue of David you'd let it be, both have obvious genitalia, so fuck off! This kinmd of censorship always pisses me off! Deviant Art has pulled the same crap too, how can you censor art? Really?

You're scared it'll warp the children? Helloooo?! I was looking up porn when I was 13, there's all sorts of free porn everywhere that doesn't require ID or Age Verification. There will always be nudity, profanity, and world-shaking images on the web, in books, tv, magazines, movies, even on frickin' cell phones!

Take down the porn, fine, but don't fuck with my art, that crosses the fucking line!!

3:54 - 03-10-06
Belsumer No More
2005 really was a year of endings, Kyril has decided not to have any more Belsummer gatherings.

I was looking forward to being in that magical place again, to be with all my friends again.

I'm sure it's still possible to visit there, and maybe to stay for a weekend.

I don't know, this is hitting me hard. It's hard to find spiritual circles not run by tyranical occultists or wicca wannabes.

Blessings to Kyril and Tom :)

Belsumer No More

10:06 - 03-09-06
Violet Sage link
Ok, I'm sorta back, I'll be updating really soon, but first I had to store this link.

Violet Sage

9:04 - 02-27-06
you're gonna luv this
Go Here

It's a great n' dirty poem about Garth Brooks.

I used to write dirty poetry about celebrities and what I'd like to do to them...

1:05 - 02-26-06
i had to redeem so many to get this list

Pokemon, David Stika, the Harvey Birdman episoed "Bootyliscious", The Pope
Circle I Limbo

American Football, Garibaldi from Babylon 5, Conrad Miller
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

people who call themselves "Trekkers", Windows XP, over zealous christians
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

laws against nudity, stupid people, small talk
Circle IV Rolling Weights

Sir Lancelot, Tom Goes To The Mayor
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

all the Sims who ever complained about not having a TV
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Jason Lavrenz, Dick Cheney, people with thick accents who work as tech support
Circle VII Burning Sands

INUYASHA!!!!!!!, Radio Shack employees, Milk Chan, Dentists, Who Let The Dogs Out, song, Robert DeNeiro
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

homophobia, all the garbage in my boyfriend's trailer
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

7:17 - 02-16-06
eat, shit, watch tv
Hello, my name is Andrew, and I'm a Sim-a-holic.

But I just took my Sim software and smashed it with a hammer. Now I am free.

I've only had it since Monday, and I never left my computer, no sleeping, eating, anything. It was becoming my life. I was neglecting friends, and more importantly, I was neglecting myself.

I've had Sim nightmares, horrible horrible dreams. You may laugh at that, but you don't know what they were like.

In this Sim universe, you are given the chance to play God, in every aspect, in ways you didn't know existed. You can create life, move mountains, build luxurious homes, and fill it with appliances, furniture, and art that you'll never be able to afford. You can even give each family a robot butler.

It sounded fun, it sounded like a way to get out my frustrations. I made a families representing each of my friends. Some of these families had children, but you're not sure where they came from, because everyone in the "family" treats eachother like they just met.

Overtime you either grow to like a person, or hate them. The apparent Mother and Father won't even sleep in the same beds until they get to know eachother. One may take the two person bed, while the other will sleep on the couch. If they can't find a couch, they'll sleep standing up, or they'll collapse on the floor.

Another aspect that I find infuriating is their leisure life, they insist on watch tv, that's all they want to do. They only show a passing interest in books, musical instruments, pets, or anything that requires a brain. They love music and video games.

One of my Sim's was given the opportunity to have a baby, which btw is treated like an inanimate object. You can move the baby and crib anywhere you want, like it was a chair or fridge. And they only options it gives you, are Feed It, Play With It, and Sing To It. Keep in mind all the other Sims have to poop like 20 times a day, but there's no option for changing the baby's diaper!

This is where I had the problem, I was starting to have a feeling that I was being watched, that someone up above was manipulating my life. I hated that feeling.

I'm getting paranoid, so I stopped. I found the game at a discount store, so destroying it was ok. There is one less cursed Sim game out there.


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