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4:18 - 10-15-07
Venus and Cupid
I was looking for a painting by Jacques-Louis David, and I thought it depicted Venus and Cupid, but it is actually Cupid and Psyche.

So first I searched for Venus and Cupid artworks, here are some that I found.

If you are unaware, Cupid was Venus' son, but their relationship was oediple at times. Which adds to it's erotic appeal.

Here it seems Cupid is pulling on Mommy's hand to show her something, yet he's nearly a grown man! I think he needs to move out of the basement...

here's a more joyful and playful depiction

Cupid was Venus'lil errand boy, here she points out a target below

Venus's Greek name is Aphrodite. She is known as the Daughter of Heaven and Sea, the child of Uranus and Gaia. Her story tells of fertility, love and pleasure.

Venus wasn't conceived out of pleasure, but she worked hard to find her own. She was born when Gaia, Goddess of Mother Earth, got so angry at her husband Uranus that she sliced off his genitals and threw them into the sea. They mixed with the foam of the ocean and formed Venus, a symbol unconcerned with maternal issues and focused on sensuality and pleasure.

Venus married and bore children but did not stay focused on her home affairs. In fact, she concentrated almost completely on her extramarital affairs. Her many lovers include Aries, the God of War, and the handsome Adonis.

The goddess loved to pamper herself and cultivate her beauty. Her symbol represents the hand-held vanity mirror that Venus used to admire her beauty. Truly, Venus has become the symbol for feminity itself.

Aliases: Aineia; Aphrodite Porne ("Aphrodite the Harlot"); Ishtar (a Phoenician goddess similar to Venus, associated with Venus Erycina/Aphrodite, See Comments); Kypris ("Lady of Cyprus"); Murcia (derived from the Greek term myrtea, or myrtle); Pandemos ("of all the people"); Philommedes ("member-loving", according to Hesiod); Victoria Nutley Starr (mortal civilian identity); Turan ("Lady", an Etruscan goddess similar to Venus); Venus Alma ("nurturing"); Venus Caelestis ("heavenly" Venus); Venus Calva ("bald"); Venus Cloacina; Venus Erycina; Venus Genetrix; Venus Jovia; Venus Libitina (probably from the Etruscan word for "death"); Venus Obsequens ("compliant"); Venus of Eryx; Venus Physica (Venus of Nature [physis]); Venus Placida ("pleasing"); Venus Pudica ("demure"); Venus Victrix ("the Winner")

History: (Greek-Roman Myth) - Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione, the oak-goddess. On the day of her maturity, Zeus feared that the gods would fight over Aphrodite's hand in marriage because of her unparalleled beauty, and thus he married her off to the smith-god, her half-brother Hephaestus. This union however was much to Aphrodite's disapproval.

As a rather hedonistic goddess, Aphrodite was most displeased to be married to the lame, sooty, hard-working Hephaestus. In turn, Aphrodite had several affairs while wedded to Hephaestus with both gods and mortals. Most notably she cheated on him with Ares, Dionysus, and Hermes. She bore children to all of them except Hephaestus. She also bore Aeneas, the ancestor of the Romans to the mortal Anchises. The latter union was not truly of Aphrodite's own choosing as Zeus forced her to unite with Anchises as punishment for using her powers to join the gods in unions with mortals and then taunting them with that fact.

The most famous of Aphrodite's earthly relationships was to the mortal Adonis, one of the most attractive men in ancient Greece whose life was cut short in the prime of his youth. Even though Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, her favorite lover was Ares. To Ares she bore Harmonia and Eros (Cupid) who grew to be his mother's herald as the god of love. To Hermes she bore Hermaphroditus and to Dionysus, Aphrodite bore Priapus - who had huge genitals magically given to him by Hera in disapproval for Aphrodite's promiscuity. Eventually alerted about his wife by the light-god Apollo, Hephaestus caught Aphrodite and Ares together in one of their unions, and to this day Aphrodite and Hephaestus have been estranged.

Aphrodite was indirectly responsible for the Trojan War that took place centuries ago in ancient Greece, @ 1200 BC. In a contest among herself, Hera, and Athena to decide who was the most beautiful goddess of all, the Trojan prince Paris was approached by Hermes to play the role of arbitrator for the three goddesses--each of whom promised him a reward from whomever he chose. Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful woman in all of Greece who at the time was Helen, her half-sister by Zeus.

Helen was the Queen of Sparta and wife of King Menelaus. Paris chose Aphrodite, and hence the love-goddess had her son Eros entrance Helen causing her to fall in love with Paris and subsequently leave her husband, her daughter Hermione, and her kingdom for Troy. In response to Helen's abandonment, Menelaus organized several Greek kings and warriors against Troy, including his brother, King Agamemnon; King Ulysses, of Ithaca; and the nigh-invulnerable demigod warrior Achilles.


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