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11:42 pm - 11.14.04
What If Four!!!
They made you laugh, and they made you cry.

Hear now how Diaryland has been "affected" by my What If Surveys so far:

"they haven't really. just made me more depressed to see that all the things i would really love to have in life probably will never happen. thanks.." -Hebes

"They've kept me mildly entertained for the past few minutes, but if you want to know if they effected me on some profound psychological level, well then, no." -Puuur

"they make me want to kill myself. you SUCK at making up questions, mr. survey." -Dead Wings

"Don't you mean "affected"? Um, they've made me think. Thinking's good." -Violet Purple

"they have made me give up 5minutes of my time and think about how you have spelt AFFECTED wrong" -Nauze

"Made me see that i really like to be me and not some celebrity or old person. im glad i have my good grades, friends, im mean i guess i am pretty popular and likeable, and i see my prettiness now." -Do Not Stay

"oh im deeply moved and touched and now i want to live my life out to thee fullest -not they havenmt affected me at all lol its just a quiz" -Sid Vicious

"wouldn't it be "affected" (but who am I to judge- half of what I type is a typo)... some questions left me thinking, others left me wishing I was grown up, and some just left me" -Solo Knight

"I feel drained" -Franka

"It's "affected," and they kept me from being bored while watching ER." -Megasm

"they've made me realize that i'll never amount to anything and i suck and my life will never get better..." -Akasja

"They've made me think. Wow. You get a cookie for making me think. *hands cookie*" -Spazzy Elf

"They made me sad b/c i might not ever have this" -MerBear05

They made you think, they made you turn into spell-checkin' assholes, they made you depressed, they made you regret your pathetic miserable lives, and they made you want to end it all.

You suffered through 3 grueling What-If Surveys, now it is time to brave the 4th!


The Survey of Doom!


I love when people answer their own questions:

9. Who will die by your hands?
People who kill others for no just cause. -Bluezy


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