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10:40 - 03-17-06
Georgia O'Keeffe Purple Flower Notebook Cover
i find beauty and you want to classify it, dissect it, shit on it, and then call it your own creation... this beauty is not yours, not mine; it belongs to everybody!

you can't put your feet up on bus seats anymore! the floors are smooth so you slip on them when it is wet and slushy outside.

it's st. patrick's day and i forgot to wear green, i feel like such a fucking dumbass! cold ducks in pond freeze to water. they never will become penguins.

(back cover)

indian businessmen on cellphones at the south transfer point, they missed their bus...idiots! we are your gas station worker, we are your dry cleaner, we are your tech support, we mumble incoherantly and expect you to understand!

the sun reflects off snow and burns my eyes, frys them like eggs in my head. i scream, "you bitch sun, you glow so hot, but you cannot make the snow melt? fuck you! fucking ball of gas, what good are you?

-adl 3-17-06

(long rant about to be covered with jim benton bunny stickers)

10:25 - 03-17-06
Remember this?
Scene: Cafe, tables and chairs scattered about, ceiling fan, down angle shot, european guy in white suit, white hat, with black curly hair, sits relaxed at a table. He holds in his hand a strange clear concoction in a clear beer-shaped bottle.
Moments later, an older gentleman sits down, glasses, whitening hair, intense eyes, thick german accent.

Zima Guy: Zo this guy zits down and he goz...
Otto: Nice bottle....very... What is it?
Z: Zima.
O: Beer?
Z: No. Zomething differnt.
O: Wine cooler?
Z: Not zo zweet, try a zip.
O: Zip? What's in it?'s a va tenga! Am I right?
Z: NO!
O: Maybe with a touch of...citrus?
Z: No, it's a zeal...
O: With that little bit of spice?
Z: Speak quietly...
O: The one from...
Both: Zanzibar!
Z: I had him zilenced...
O: Nice hat. What is it?

8:30 - 03-15-06
Temperance of the Mind
Some people...

Why wouldn't you want to know the possibilities of the universe? How can you be content with not knowing?

I hate classifying people, but the idiots fit nicely into categories, don't they? Bigotry is something we'll never overcome, if we keep making it so easy to pass out jugements!

I want everyone to have free and open access to the divine. No restrictions, no crusifixions, no torture, self-flagellation, fears of vengeful gods; I want everyone to see that our creator is not some abstract being, but is divine intelligent energy accessible to all, within us all, bigger than the universe and yet, at the same time, smaller than an atom.

People want to live the best life they can, without ever knowing how.

I find that so frustrating! Faith doesn't have to be blind! You can believe in the divine, and still be a part of it's creation. We are gods, we are part of the whole process of creation and destruction.

Gaining access to knowledge is the first step to communing with the divine. Learning to let go of our fears, of unknowns, of feeling pain, of having to struggle.

If you see god as a thick jungle, with deadly snakes, and impossible challenges to overcome...than that is all you will ever know!

Can you really be satisfied with that???

Finding the divine spirit is so simple. You just listen. The path you walk is also very simple. It's well lit, out in the open, where everyone can see it and find it; and the path is wider than the eye can see.

There is no specific region on this planet that is the Promised Land, you're already sitting on it right now. Earth is it. It's not a test, or a game, it's just life.

Can you blindly maintain a garden? Perhaps a distant wind will blow seeds into the dirt, a rain storm will water it, the plants will grow, and the vegetables would of course pick them selves, and jump into your mouth.

Or you can study the earth, learn about it's properties, figure out how best to grow a garden. That doesn't take away from it's sacredness or beauty. In fact I truly believe you will find more beauty the deeper you look.

Science answers nothing, it only creates more questions. A search for god produces the same results. An infinite variety of questions, each leading down endless paths of greater understand and happiness.

Why can't you see that god is within you, god is you, you are god, and in that is the light of love. Love is everything and nothing.

Love yourself, and you will love the world.


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