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10:37 pm - 04.01.04
Porn Star Paul
Ok, some person left me a very cryptic message in my gbook:

2 31.03.2004, at 08:52:48
first name:
Homepage URL:
Comments: She's all yours again. Take care of her this time.

I thought it was one friend, but they say no. So I'm thinking it might be either Conrad or Chad.

Conrad being Shannon's husband, though they're separated.

And Chad is her boyfriend, they moved to Pennsylvania recently. I'm just thinking maybe Conrad finaqlly let go of her? Or Chad, the bastard, broke up with her. even though he's never read my diary?

I'm very fucking confused. Who am I supposed to take care of? Maybe Paul left it?


That is word for word what I said, on the night before he threatened to beat me up. Which I still have a copy of, for evidence, in case he threatens again.

I'm not shocked he's reading my diary, I have the link on my Yahoo profile, so it's public. Also Dawn has a diary on here too.

It's nothing I can change. He's fucking up, I'm picking up the slack. Hey, more networking for me! HA!


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