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3:07 pm - 09.24.04
The Presidential Astrology Charts
The 2004 Presidential Canidates
We asked master astrologer Jeff Jawer to analyze the compatibility of the two sets of running mates, John Kerry with John Edwards for the Democratic Party and George Bush with Dick Cheney for the Republican Party. Here are excerpts from his articles, with links to the full stories.

The Executive Odd-Couple
by Jeff Jawer

George W. Bush is a warm, outgoing leader with effervescent Leo rising in his chart. And behind that presidential smile sits a very personal Sun in Cancer that tempers his Leo confidence with a down-to-earth regular guy kind of feeling. While far from being a master of details, the candidate for re-election brings a sense of certainty to his supporters. He also brings Dick Cheney, his running mate and vice-president for the past four years.

No one has ever accused Dick Cheney of getting his way with an engaging smile. The long time executive - in and out of government - is a smart-as-a-whip Aquarius who understands the complex power struggles of Washington. His depth of experience added much-needed substance to the President's campaign back in 2000, giving Bush supporters confidence that the two-term Texas governor's back would be well protected.

Astrologers generally don't consider a personal Cancer like President Bush and an intellectual Aquarius like Vice-President Cheney to be a comfortable match, but there are other factors that link their charts in ways that make them at ease with one another. Aquarius, for example, is the sign opposite George Bush's Leo Ascendant, putting the vice-president's Sun in President Bush's house of partnership. While Leo is out front rallying the troops, Aquarius is the less visible team player more in need of results than attention.

Dick Cheney was born with Virgo as his ascendant, which means that the sign of details dominates the most obvious part of his personality. Yet in his house of partnership we find the Moon in Pisces, a water sign compatible with the President's Sun in watery Cancer. So... much as Bush needs a cool partner, Cheney needs a warm one.

Their relationship seems to be one where each plays his part with the full confidence of the other, both men so different, yet closely aligned with trust and by a clear understanding of each other's role.


The Tale of Two Johns
by Jeff Jawer

First there was the serious one, Sagittarius John Kerry. Sagittarians are supposed to be a playful bunch, ruled as they are by Jupiter, the planet of optimism, and we see this trait in Kerry's love of sports. But, when John Kerry was born Saturn was right next to his Moon and opposite his Sun, the two most important points in his chart. Saturn is astrology's heavyweight, the planet of responsibility and order, the planet of seriousness. Kerry certainly demonstrated this gravity of purpose as a war hero, political activist, prosecutor and U.S. senator. But, in spite of decades in the public eye and many successful political campaigns, he's often been described as patrician and aloof, a cool candidate for these hot times.

John Kerry's most formidable opponent during the primary season was the first-term senator from North Carolina, John Edwards. Even members of the press hostile to Edwards' politics commented favorably on his capacity to connect with voters. His upbeat personality, skillful speech and attractive appearance quickly made him a media favorite. A Gemini, sign of light and lively, Edwards is able to combine attractive form with meaningful substance. One of the most feared trial lawyers in America, John Edwards didn't earn his reputation (and all that money) with good hair and a great smile, but with ambition, smarts and lucky Jupiter conjunct his Moon.

Jupiter is Saturn's counterpart. Saturn sets limits and Jupiter blows them away. Saturn contracts and Jupiter expands. Saturn's about hard, cold reality while Jupiter is about hope for the future. This giant planet's close link to Edwards' Moon, planet of moods, is why he has such an outgoing personality. The balance this provides to Kerry's style... and his chart... is remarkable - serious Senator Saturn meets sunny Senator Jupiter.

There is another significant connection between their astrological charts, a close conjunction of John Edwards' Sun in Gemini with John Kerry's Moon, a pattern that tends to increase trust and understanding. And though it's been reported that they were not very close in the past, astrology makes it clear that their current chumminess will last. While these two men marked by the sign of Gemini are certainly not twins, they may also wind up feeling like brothers, as well as political running mates.


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