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9:13 pm - 11.21.04
Sign This Petition!!!
I'm not sure if people outside Wisconsin can sign this, but it's worth a try. :)

To all my fair and open minded friends who care..............November 16, 2004
Action, Wisconsin (and Minnesota)
By Dustin Beilke
None of the 11 anti-gay initiatives that passed in states throughout the nation on November 2 were as extreme as the one that passed the Wisconsin Legislature last session and will come before it again in the next session. If it passes a second time it will go to a statewide referendum. This is bad news and good news, oddly, as it puts Wisconsin in a position to be either the gay-bashing capitol of this great, moral nation or the first state to vote one of these stupid, insulting referendum initiatives down.

Action Wisconsin is optimistic that the referendum can be defeated. If it can be exposed for the extremist measure that it is then its extremism could work against it. A majority of voters do not want to think of themselves as gay bashers. You can sign an online petition against the Wisconsin referendum and find out more about Wisconsin's embarassing Legislature on the Action Wisconsin Web site.


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