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1:30 pm - 05.12.05
Grab your dick and double click
So I had a date on Tuesday.

His name is Freddy, he's funny and bitchy, and he does drag. He has a show on the 22nd at Club 5, so I may go to that.

I also ran into Aiden on the way to meeting Freddy, and gawd is he still fucking adorable.

I was at Jenny's house last night for a dinner party, Madeline was there, and Jenny's gf Cara, and our ol' friend Jaime too.

Jaime had a funny CD from a show called Avenue Q. We were listening to it, and laughing our butts off. It's like the gay Sesame Street.

This weekend I'm going to Lisa Marie's birthday party, up at her Mom's cabin.

Right now I'm at the UW library with Karen, she had some email stuff to do, and so did I.

The nightmares are getting worse. I've started a writting journal again, it seems to be working out so far.

I forget if I mentioned this, but I had an interview at Shakti books to be their Tarot reader, I think it went well. But I haven't heard back yet.

I feel so young and scared sometimes. I want to just have money so I can move out, away from my crazy mother. She's 2 seconds away from the loony bin, and sometimes I feel like she's dragging me down too. I have to get out.

I've been so negative, ugly words come out of my mouth. I can't talk to Dawn or Liz, I don't have anything good to say.

Dawn S is healing better, but the problems haven't stopped. Toryn is fine, I wish some of his health could rub off on his mother.

Freddy is a sweet guy, but I don't "feel it", y'know? I don't feel it in my heart, and it sucks, cause he's great, he's just not that person.

I should go soon, Karen's truck is on a meter.


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