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6:58 pm - 02.08.04
a chain smoking porn star loverboy
I dreamed of this curly golden haired blond boy last night, he was built like aq rock star, cocky like one too. He made hot pornos and drank too much, and we had fantastic sex, and lived above a laundrymat in a dingy city. He was fucked up, and I didn't care, I loved him, a dirty sort of protective dog love.

We lived in a very hilly city, like the streets would suddenly end at clifs, and the trolleys would need mecanical lifts to get up the hills. Far off distant places were green, with jungles for miles.

It felt like San Francisco, but cold as Wisconsin. The people kept to themselves, but I was used to it. Now that I had a chain smoking porn star loverboy.


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