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2:56 am - 05.03.04
But I'm a Cheerleader...
It's a good movie.

Sexy gay bois, sexy lesbians, everyone just trying to be in love. Rupaul as a man is interesting too. Also if you've ever seen the movie "Hook", you may recognise a pacific islander who played the sexy lostboy, Rufio. Mmmmmm, he still looks good.

Then I watched 2 of my fav gay romances, "Zero Patience" and "Jeffrey". Needles to say, I was in the mood to be held and loved.

Relationships are sexy, they're the perfect acsessorie. Like a red tie, or a tiny nervous fluffy dog.

No one showed up for my 3rd Tarot class, it was supposed to be yesterday and today. Bitches. It made me sad. So I hung out with friends Saturday night. That was well needed.

Friends don't let you forget the misery, but they calm it, make it pale in comparison to the collective misery of the group. Then you all laugh and act like it doesn't matter.

Today I did a reading for a woman, she wanted one thing, but let expectations dictate her desires.

I set up another Tarot class, this time at Mimosa!

I may be doing one at Dawn F.'s house too.

I got to talk with Beth, and it felt good to hear her voice. Any fears I had about our friendship being ruined over my mistakes with working at Mimosa, are totally uinfounded.

I rearranged the livingroom, now it's more spacious. Mom's gonna freak, but she'll get over it.

She gets back from her trip to the NOT DAIRY STATE on the 7th.

I also watched Finding Nemo tonight, great movie, very funny, heart warming, and I have a new found appreciation for Ellen Degeneres, toaster or not.

There are things that I want from the internet community, but my priorities are differant now. I'm working on establishing a website. It's going to be really basic, just to get it out there. But I want the site address to be semi permanent, cause I'll be making new business cards soon, and I'd like to put the link on there.

"Certainly everyman's ignorance is a darkness of infinite dimensions." -David James Duncan

I found the soundtrack to the movie "Airheads" at a video store, it was marked down to .49! Ofcourse I bought it. It has a lot of great shit on it.

This week has been weird, I've seen parts of people's lives, intimate parts, and I always felt like a passenger. I'm okay with that.


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