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3:35 pm - 05.30.04
Seeing Friends
Just to let everyone know, I have a new mouse, my computer is being attacked daily, and I'm really not sure how much longer this thing will last.

I will probably stick with Gateway, mainly because I'm used to their service and technology, and I have a better idea of what I will actually use in a computer. I have never once used Quicken, I tried it once, it was way too complicated.

I saw Sean and Katie yesterday, they looked really good together. I still love them both, but seeing their bond, has changed my perspective, I guess they do have a chance. I couldn't offer much to Katie, but it would've been fun trying. And Sean is still too scarred to even think of being in a gay relationship.

Chrissy came over today, we did some readings, about her boy, and my boy. My boy hasn't shown up yet, I'm still looking at him through this far off window.

I'm afraid I'll overwhelm him with my wants and desires before he has a chance to give to me of his own will.

Sex is differant now, I've been without for so long, I'm getting philosophic about it. Like it's more about erotic touch, groping, feeling, caressing, it's less about what my cock wants, it's now what my hands want.

I haven't turned on AIM for a long time, mostly I've been on yahoo. So check out my yahoo id on my profile, and message me sometime. :)


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