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11:23 pm - 10.18.04
The Holly and The Ivy
This is from my friend Hyndla:

Dark and dense and evergreen in the British Isles, the ivy may kill trees there (as the grape does in the US). Ivy has more methods of attachment than the grape and, using its hairs and tendrils, can grow up buildings as well as trees. Here in Wisconsin, ivy is usually a ground cover which may smother other plants.

The Celtic ivy thicket can provide a place of protection for the wild things, but it can also restrict movement and possibly bind up plants and animals. At this time the Holly King reigns in his dual existence as hunter and hunted and he is often depicted with horns. Celts thinned their herds to bring the best stock through the winter. Harvests and sacrifices were made to balance the number of mouths to feed with the available stored food.

The animal associated with this moon is the wild boar, an animal very protective of his herd including the piglets. This beast was fiercely hunted throughout Celtic and Teutonic lands as a worthy opponenent as well as a wonderful food source.

During the dark of the moon take a few minutes to sink your roots deep into the cooling earth. Imagine you are an ivy. Grow lush and dark and thick. What do you protect within your thicket?

Are you protecting or restricting the thing you hold dear?



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