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7:01 am - 01.16.05
Chiron's heart is broken
CAPRICORN for Sunday, January 16, 2005

You are in a particularly pensive mood these days. Something that you want seems just out of reach and you cannot understand why it's not yours for the taking. You might be wearing some old scar like a badge of honor, but it's really not in your best interest to glorify old wounds. Instead, use your awareness to shine the light of the present onto the past to help you heal. Even if you've done this before, there is always room for further healing -- and this can help you get what you deserve.

General Daily Overview

The Moon is in action-oriented Aries today, pushing us to take a chance in order to get our needs met. But even if we do risk it, we still may not reach our goals, for the Sun aligns with Chiron, the wounded healer that resides within each of us. This conjunction shines light of consciousness on our weaknesses and hurts, but also allows for healing to occur. The day calls upon each of us to forgive others for what they may have done. More importantly, however, it is through our own choice that we can now also forgive ourselves.


It is a time for healing again. Mimosa's powers that be, kindly rejected my proposal. The wounds have reopened, it hurts. But this gives me an opportunity to heal them properly.

With love and witty satire.


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