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12:52 am - 01.15.05
coming home to me
So the time has come to clean up and make the house purdy again. Which won't be too bad.

Still need to clean the pan from the chicken I ruined, and figure out how to clean a rug without a vaccum. If they have one, I haven't found it yet.

Tomorrow I may be going to Liz's to house sit for her for a few days, while she visits Jim in Milwaukee. His Mom died a few days ago.

I still haven't heard from Sarah A. and her fiancee Ahbijay. They were visiting family in India just before the dissaster. I emailed her again tonight, giving her my prayers and blessings for her safe return.

I had a fantastic reading with Kathleen Schneider on Tuesday. She confirmed a lot of my own intuitions surrounding my life.

My friendship with Susie and Becca has strengthened ten fold over this magical week. I am grateful for meeting Susie, and for all the gifts she has brought into my life (including a kickass chicken and stuffing dinner tonight!).

I'm starting to look at masturbation in a new light, and it's a lot of weirdness. I'll explain more later.

I sent the letter to Mimosa, it should've arrived by now. I'm hoping I get a response next week. I made a serious mistake, but I can't let that hold me down. If I can still work in the only job I loved, I'm going to try to get back in.

Life seems so big right now. But I'm letting go of a lot of my worries and frustrations. Just some see it more than others.


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