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11:02 am - 04.02.05
world of dreams
I must remind everyone, and tell those who do not know, that after John Paul II passes on; there will only be two more Popes.

Long ago, when the Vactican was being built, someone saw the long line of Popes, stretching into the present. And they constructed a series of plaque placements on a wall. Wherein each a portrait of the next Pope would be placed.

Well after John Paul II, they'll be only two spots left. Perhaps one, if you're counting Pope Joan, the only female Pope, but the Vatican doesn't like to acknowledge her (gee, I wonder why).

And less than 7 years til the end of the Mayan calendar.

As the previous entry testifies, old cycles are ending. The way of the world is grinding to a halt. I know you feel it in your life, in your heart, in your soul. Why deby it? Why fight it? Embrace these changes, walk into the light of the new dawning with your head held high.

I just hope when the day comes, I get invited to walk in the cornfield. :P


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