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3:55 pm - 10.18.05
Support Hard-Workin' Punk Rocker Mommies Who Make Senusual Soaps and Sultry Salts For Your Bathtime Pleasuring Needs!!!
My friend Jenn, or you may know her as E-Nymph, makes wonderful Soaps and Bath Salts.
I have a few bars of the Turkish Mocha at home, and let me tell you, it's like bathing in coffee!!!
So please contact her and rub a lil of her magic all over your sexy body!

Soap & Bath Salts-
*All prices listed are friends only and are in Limited supply (Please contact her for regular prices, it's worth it!!!)*

Soap Bars-
-5.5 ounces for all bars except the Bamboo mold that are 2.2 ounces.
-$3.00 a Bar
-All are made with a Goat's Milk & Glycerine Melt and Pour Base. The only exception is the Original Louffa Bars that are made with a Clear Glycerine Base.
-Bars are made in small batches so colors and depth of scent may vary.

~Scented Soap made up for sale~
Original Peppermint Louffa- clear soap in a louffa made with peppermint essential oil (I have 6 left)

Orange Creamsicle- light orange colored bars enfused with Citrus and Vanilla. Smells like a summer time treat. (I have 4 left)

Mary's Glen- this scent I made up to remind me of my grandmother- tuberose, oakmoss, violet, and a touch of amber. everyone who had smelled it is enamoured with the fragrance. magenta colored bars. (I have 4 left)

Arabian Spice-is a blend of Myrrh, Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Caraway seed, and Vanilla. deep blue bars. (I have 2 left)

Vanilla Xanadu-Vanilla & Honey blend to make this a warm and comforting scent. cream colored bars. (I have 4 left)

Turkish Mocha- blends together Milk, cardamon, nutmeg, Honey, and Turkish Coffee. cream colored bars. (I have none left but can make more)

Mayan Gold-sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, vetiver, mandrian, lemon, grapefruit, neroli, vanilla, chocolate, and musk. dark green bars.(I have none left but can make more).
*Note- the women I work with have nicknamed this "orgasm soap" for it's very masculine scent.

~Bath Salts for sale~
-Salts are 2 to 3 ounces per bag
-Prices are $1.00 a bag or 4/$3.50

Scents Available:
Orange Creamsicle (I have 10 left)
Arabian Spice (I have 11 left)
Maui Blend-Orange, lime, geranium, bergamont, and mandarian (I have 9 left)
Mayan Gold (I have 9 left)
Mary's Glen (I have 12 left)
Stop Pain (I have 4 left)
Awake Citrus (I have 2 left)
Achey Mucles (I have 4 left)
Cold & Flu (I have 2 left)

*You must cover shipping costs.
If you are interested, Leave me a message here or email me at or at


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