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5:25 pm - 11.11.05
updating at the cottage grove library
Ok, crazy drama going on, and I haven't seen Stanley since last Monday, but I may see him this Monday. I don't know though, he seemed reluctant to invite me. Feh.

Why do I keep meeting men in situations that are tangled?! Isn't there one single gay man out there, who's only gay, and is without another partner?

I have odd thoughts in my head. What if me and Blond Eric get along really well, and me, him, and Stanley start a love triangle? Yeah, I know, bad idea.

Blond Eric does have a nice butt, and he's very cute. He's just a lil dense sometimes. He doesn't seem to support Stanley;tell him how wonderful he is, how beautiful he is, etc.


Ok,I gotta go, times almost up.


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