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9:21 am - 11.14.05
I'm sorry, but this going to have to be vague.

This weekend seemd like the start of a battle. And for that it is important to know the cast of characters.

Andy/Andrew(Me)-The teller of this tale, lonely, horny, a hopeless romantic, putty in the hands of sensual touch, and also gulliable as all get out.

Kilt Eric, Hung Eric, Jay Scmidt, Brutis, etc.- Picean romantic, made out of unbreakable stuff, is either am immortal or the walking dead; he wants the best for everyone, which is not a fault. But he pushes people, sometimes, where they do not need to be pushed.

Lyn, she reminds me so much of my friend Shannon. Sweet, compassionate, sensual, another Pisces. She gets these ideas in her head, and thinks they must be the truth, and tells people these "truths" as concrete fact.

Chris- he's a vampire. Not like Adam, he's just a poser. No, Chris is the real deal, to him it's a way of life. Not a badge to wear to attract people. But oh is he attractive. His part in all of this is small, more like a supporting role.

Ann-she's the only Leo I haven't wanted to throttle. She's a sweety too, and hasn't really been involved in any of this mess.

David, Ann's bf-Gawd I want to fuck him!

Stanley-He reached out to me, flirted a lil, and made me feel all beautiful and desirable again. But he's dating Blond Eric (see below), so I backed off. Next time I see him, he's more aggressive, it's a mixd signal, but I don't realise that at the time, and I think he prefers me over his bf.

hilarity ensues...

Blond Eric, Stanley's bf-I don't know he, he thinks he knows me, but it's apparently mistaken identity, unless I have yet another doppleganger out there. Despite his bitchy defensiveness, I like him. We might even become friends some day.

Susie, Zusanna, Susan Hobbs-My best friend, my confidant, and the only one privy to what's really going on in my life.

Ok, so the dirt:

Drama bullshit times ten, I get caught up in gossip, I start believing the tabloids, which gets me into all sorts of he said she said trouble, and it all comes down to a meeting I had last night, with Stanley and Blond Eric.

We talked, we cleared the air. But I cannot repeat anything beyond that. It would only cause more trouble for everyone. Words are seldom adequate, and in this case they start fires with their implied intent, when in reality there's nothing to get pissed about.

Kilt Eric has a diary on here too, and the others may read here as well.... so let me say this:

From this point on, I will be more careful with what I say, and who I say it to. I don't feel that any friendships need to end over this, and I will not fight over friends or choose among them. I would like to keep all of you in my life, but this endless meddling has got to stop.

If you are unhappy with you lives, choices, and/or partners; then empower yourselves to make the changes you need in your life!

Advice never hurts, but becareful what you say, and don't twist another's words or intentions to suit your goals.

I'm guilty of the above, as well as all of you, including Stanley. I have now been on both sides of this confused mess, no one is more or less guilty than the next person.

We all fucked up. It's okay. But it's not okay to fuck up again.


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