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7:39 pm - 12.09.05
So it goes, Grandma
I was watching The Polar Express movie a lil bit ago, and I brokedown into tears right when the boy finds the bell. I couldn't stop. I was wailing, tears rolling down my face. I haven't cried like that in many years. The flood gates really opened up there.

I don't feel any less stressed. It still feels good to cry.

There's something about childhood that never leaves you. Riding your bike really fast around the empty playground on a weekend. Lying in your PJs in front of the TV, eating a strawberry Poptart, and watching Bugs Bunny. Remembering when Big Bird was truly a giant.

My Grandma died on Monday. I miss staying at her house and snuggling into the fuzzy green blankets. I loved that she thought a healthy breakfast was a strawberry poptart and a glass of chocolate Quik milk (this was before the Nesquik bullshit name change crap).

I guess I really do miss her. I didn't think I would. She treated me like a kid should be treated. I intend to let my grand kids eat crappy food and watch a 6ft tall rabbit dress up in women's clothes and trick a dimwitted redneck into stepping off a cliff.

Thank you Grandma for the memories, the kindness, the warm smiles, the pre-packaged cooking, and your green fuzzy blanketed heart.

"Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."
- Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse 5


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