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3:41 pm - 08.18.04
"Feeling Like a Lady of the Night"
My friend Lisa Marie has started writting an online diary. Unfortunately she chose one of those sites who give you no design freedom at all!

But I digress...

She is an incredible writer, as the below entry testifies:

Feeling Like a Lady of the Night

I am now at home. Upstairs in the loft, listening to Elvis. I wore a dress to work and had no pockets to put my key to the Inn or an important piece of paper with directions on it. I found myself placing them in my left bra cup. I felt so... Courtesan-ish. I bore items at my breast. How many people do that nowadays? It's only in the movies. But there I walked, down State Street, to the parking garage, knowing a key and a slight piece of paper were pressing against my left breast. I wondered if that meant they were more special. Because people think that things pressed to one' s breast are special.

I wondered, if I turned the corner, if the streets might turn to cobblestone and rain might begin to fall, lightly at first, then harder as I walked on in a deep red dress while I carried an umbrella, trying to look more sophisticated than I actually was.

I expected men to pop out of the pubs, whistle at me, call me names that weren't mine. London accents.

Maybe I wouldn't have enough money for an umbrella (or parasol) and I'd be ducking in and out of store canopies.


-Lisa Marie


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