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4:32 pm - 09.19.04
peace origami bogart bacall
I just went to see "The Big Sleep" with Alex, Lisa Marie's bf. It's this classic film noir murder mystery, with Humphry Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Lisa Marie was planning to come with us, but she cut out at the last moment to study for her classes.

My mind isn't working too terribly well today. I'm very tired. Next week will be nutz. And I'll be very very broke. Looks like another Ramen week!

I can't remember what I've said last, so pardon me if I repeat myself.

I inheritted most of Madeline's plants, and I'm going to repot some of them, if I ever have a free moment.

She's doing fine too, she called me from France! That was very cool. :)

I just found out that the UW library computers don't block you from downloading yahoo, so I may catch some of my friends online soon.

The Earthdance peace thing went over really well. It was great to see Celia preform with her mother. Cheryl came by for the peace meditation too. I should tell you about the love/hate rice experiment when I have more time.

Then the Origami workshop was cool. I got stuck with crowd control cause this bitchy grandma wouldn't be nice to me. Respect your elders, my ass!

Later Natty Nation was upstairs, apparently they're a reggae group. Anyways a show just got out from the big theatre, and some of them wanted to go, so they started a line to the stage. Then all this white kids show up in hemp clothes wearing dreds, and they start mixing in the lines, with all them men in suits and tuxes, and the ladies in exspensive evening wear.

It was like ying and yang, bread cumbs hob nobbing with the upper crust, it was beautiful and entertaining.

Next week will be nuts. I have all this stuff to copy for the Cartomancy table at Pagan Pride Day, so that's going to take most of my grocery money. I think Jenny's (Madison Jenny) Mom owe's me money, so that would help.

There is a nose on a box next to the computer.

I'm tired, love you all, blessings!


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